Blackberry and Outlook Today Task Synch Problem

By mcoopersmith ·
Normally, on the Outlook (2003) Today screen, tasks that are marked completed are shown in grey strikeout until the next day when they fall off the screen. Only current and overdue tasks are shown.
When I mark a task completed on my Blackberry, the task is marked completed on Outlook and is greyed out on the Outlook Today screen, but it still appears as completed the following day. It never falls off of the list (even though it is marked as completed).
It doesn't make a difference where the task is created (Outlook or Blackberry). I tested this on multiple PC in the company and received the same result.
Any advice to solve this problem?

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Blackberry and Outlook Today Task Synch Problem

by jcaron In reply to Blackberry and Outlook To ...

This is because the BB does not populate the Date Completed field in Outlook. You have to manually set the date in Outlook, Completed Tasks view is an easy was to see them, and they will not be displayed in Outlook Today.

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by mcoopersmith In reply to Blackberry and Outlook To ...

Thanks. This worked, but is there any way to get the BB to set the completed date?

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Can't get Outlook Tasks to synch at all

by sandy In reply to Blackberry and Outlook To ...

I'm having issues even having tasks synch at all onto my BB Pearl. All caledar info synchs fine. Tasks don't synch anywhere, not even in the BB 'tasks' section. This software not the best to work with outlook. Any suggestions/new application suggestions would be great thanks.

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Fix Blackberry Completed tasks in outlooks

by jmilner In reply to Blackberry and Outlook To ...

It?s a pain to go back an manually change the completed dates for tasks that were marked as complete from you blackberry. Since I couldn?t find an automated solution anywhere I decided to create a outlook tool that will automatically fix this issue. If your interested in the tool, Outlook Completed Task its available at

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Bought Outlook Task Complete but does not work

by danny.mckinney In reply to Fix Blackberry Completed ...

I purchased a copy of the software but I nor their technical staff could get it to even load on Outlook 2007 and Vista using Exchange Server 2003 and yes, I did purchase the correct software download.

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How to fix thoroughly fix this issue?

by chenguangyi_Cgy In reply to Blackberry and Outlook To ...

one of my customers has this issue, the date of the task showing on his BB is 20/12, but same task showing on his Outlook is 21/12. need help immediately, My hotmail is Thanks guys

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Alternative BlackBerry Task Solution

by erik In reply to Blackberry and Outlook To ...

You could also try the Mentat free web service and Mentat
BlackBerry Client.

Tasks and Projects stay up to date automatically whether
changes are made on the BlackBerry (or iPhone or other
mobile device) or the site so you don't have to worry
about synching. The most you'll have to do to have an
instant update is refresh the page.

Mentat is also great for team collaboration and even lets
you Jott tasks with a voice call on the go. Try it out and
see if it works better for your needs.

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