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    blank squares on pages with a red X in left hand corner


    by kk909 ·

    Everytime I open up a page,it is displaying emptying boxes with a ed X in the left hand ccorner wherre a picture should be. I checked, that is now okay, is okay, is okay, but when I go to other sites like,,,, and in on, these empty boxes with the red X are showing up. I have ask for support from Microsoft and they have given me some instructions that I have followed, but it is not repairing the problem. We checked the temp Internet files and cookies, and cleared them along with history, we set the Java and the Active X, controls, and it is still doing it and I shutdown after taking these measures, but it is not fixing the problem. Can somebody please help me. I need the one from because I am disabled and can’t go out to do my sopping, so I have to order from them and they deliver my groceries. I don’t know what else to do. This started about a week ago now, But I can’t remember what I was doing in the computer at the time this happened. PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP. I clicked on PC Doctor, for a trial and they ran a scan and said I had 60 problems and all of them related to Active X.

    Please help me get this fixed. Thank you

    Kat Stevenson

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