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block all ports apart certain softwares

By icelemon ·
hi, in our home we're using router corega COR-BAR-SD and we like to block all ports and keep certain online softwares running preventing kazaa and shareaza draining internet resource. it would be nice if someone can tell me in the corega (web) setup menu, under which page where and how should we set. thanks.

[ our network configuration ]
internet service provider
corega router
computer 1
computer 2
computer 3
computer 4

[ ip range ]
web (internet explorer) :: 80,280,443
ftp :: 20-21
winamp shoutcast :: 8000
pcanywhere :: 5631-5632
msn :: 68**::6901,1863,5190,6901
skype :: ?

ps: kazaa is a hard p2p software to block base on it also uses port 80, if you have a solution please contact me

[ corega ]

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to block all ports apart cer ...

P2P only uses port 80 if you tell it to. If your are suffering a drain on your resource, I can only assume some of the pcs on your side of your router are running them, the only way to sort that out is to stop running them or to segment your network. Note segmenting the network will only help internally, you'll gain no performance improvement to to anything on the other side of the router.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to

You'll have to 'lock up' their pcs altogether, removing the software and not allowing them install priveledges I think. Can't think of any way to get the firewall to identify that a tcp/ip message going out on port 80 is specifically p2p and not anything else. You might get some mileage by setting up a proxy server, set your firewall to only accept port 80 from the proxy to go in/out. Then it would depend on what the proxy server made of a none http request.

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by icelemon In reply to

thanks, tho we are using corega COR-BAR-SD to act as our server.. so...

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by icelemon In reply to block all ports apart cer ...

hi Tony, thanks for your suggestion. yes it is true there are people using kazaa and shareaza. it is hard to not download off stuff from the p2p softwares, only if they know how to behave. its why we're deciding to block these events, just need to know how.

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by icelemon In reply to block all ports apart cer ...

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