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Blogs and how they work

By jdclyde ·
The idea of a blog is still fairly new to me, and before the TR blogs I can honestly say I NEVER went into one before.

Because of this, I have a question.

How are blogs suppose to work? If I have an on going issue or topic, do you make one long blog or do you make more blogs for each time you come back?

Is a blog even intended for anything more than a few entries?

When do we get a hit list of how many people visit the blogs?

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maybe if

by Jaqui In reply to Blogs and how they work

you looked at it this way:
b-log = broadcast log
a digital diary that is open to public for reading..and now also for writing to.
it's essentially an alternative forum, organised under people more than topic.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to maybe if

Actually, "blog" is short for "Web log.
If you read my first post to my blog, the very first sentence would have informed you of this.

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by Jaqui In reply to

the way it's used is more in tune with a journal or diary.

a web log is a log generated by a webserver with site activity data.

the log is a chronological record of all events, a journal diary is a personal record, that only gets what the writer deems important.

all of which boils down to:
the name is not an accurate indication of the usage.

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Didn't I just say that?

by stress junkie In reply to but..

You're practically hijacking my post "Yes, there's that too." which was originally titled "Well, there's that too."

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saw that

by Jaqui In reply to Didn't I just say that?

after I'd posted.

( we may need a bigger hammer though, people are not gonna beleive that a log is only a detailed listing of all activity )

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newbies ruin everything

by stress junkie In reply to saw that

It's all these damned kids running around getting into everything. X-(

There may be no point in complaining but that isn't going to stop me. :-)

What did you think of LeoBloom's post "guidance"? Pretty funny stuff.

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by Jaqui In reply to newbies ruin everything

but then, once they screw it up so badly they can't fix it, you can make them look and feel like fools by repairing the damage.. publicly.

cause you know they have been bashing the "old guys" as being to old to be of any use.


never saw that one?
where do I find leobloom's post guidance?

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LeoBlooom's post is the second to last in this discussion

by stress junkie In reply to newbies ruin everything

Leo's post has a reference to a web page that complains about "blogging" styles. I got a few laughs reading it.

Leo's post is the second to last in this discussion.

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Yeah but...

by TomSal In reply to but..

Its weblog as in WEBsite, not WEBserver.

The term comes from what it originally started as -- folks scouring the 'net grabbing news stories from various WEBsites then compiling them on their own website with their own commentary/editiorals/opinions on each thing.

Thus the birth of the term weblog.

Of course in all reality I don't give a stinky rats arse what you call it -- as this society we live in has to create new damn terms for everything.

its a friggin journal..."ooooh check out my blog..." you mean check out your journal?

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Journal? How about "diary"?

by stress junkie In reply to Yeah but...

Dear Diary,

I started a public diary today on the Internet. Don't get jealous. I'll save all of my super special secrets for you. Hidden under my bed you will always be my special secret friend.



Hmmm. Looks like I forgot my meds today. :-)

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