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BPO has even come to church

By tr_member ·
Churches in the US and Europe are ??outsourcing?? Holy Mass to parishes in Kerala

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What next?

by TheChas In reply to BPO has even come to chur ...

I'm not surprised that out-sourcing has come to the church.

This is actually an instance where out-sourcing has come to fill a need rather than a greed.

At my local church, we have been being warned for years that there will soon be far fewer priests than parishes.

Between the change in family structure to fewer children, and the hedonistic US life-style, there are fewer people interested in dedicating their life to God.

Very few parents will support or even guide a child to a religious vocation.

Further, the US is seeing a drift from traditional religions to "New Age" congregations.

Even in the conservative area where I live, more and more people are flocking to the New Age churches because there is NO GUILT.

The biggest difference between the traditional faiths and the New Age churches is that the New Age religions follow more of a "If it feels good do it" philosophy.

Far too many people want a religious influence in their lives, but do not want to be reminded that there are many things that they do that are not right and just.

Interestingly, these mega-churches end up being a very lucrative career for the leaders. (So long as they don't ruffle the feathers of the flock.)


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nothing new

by john_wills In reply to BPO has even come to chur ...

The Code of Canon Law (no, I can't tell you the canon number off-hand) forbids priests to keep more than a year's worth of mass intentions; if they get extra requests and accept an associated stipend they must give the request and stipend to other priests. Missionary societies have long accepted stipends for masses to be celebrted in mission countries. Not that Kerala is a mission country, of course: Christianity there is older than in Scandinavia or Russia.

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Yup it is one of the oldest...

by tr_member In reply to nothing new

Yes..Kerala can boast having some of the oldest association with Christianity. I think through Kerala, St. Thomas entered into India and finally reached Madras (now Chennai), where his Tomb still exists.

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