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"brain" not currently implemented

By rosecoutre ·
In the profile section, I added "brain development" to my interests -- so I clicked on it and the result page says:

0 member(s) interested in "brain development"

I added "brain" to my currently implemented technologies, and clicked on it, and the result page says:

0 member(s) currently using "brain"

This is a *GREAT* website! :)

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by Jaqui In reply to "brain" not currently imp ...

why implement brains when coming here is goofing off time at work?

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He he

by Neil Higgins In reply to ssshhh!!

I just clicked on aftershave,and it says 1 member.Who says the site is a no brainer? :)

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good point + coffee

by rosecoutre In reply to ssshhh!!

goofing off time is even better with coffee, so in the spirit of learning from others, I added coffee to my "interests" and will now goof off, drink coffee, and keep not implementing brain.

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by jbaker In reply to good point + coffee

There are currently three people using coffee...

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by GSG In reply to good point + coffee

For some reason the themesong "Pinky and the Brain" keeps running through my head. I think I'll take over the world today.

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Brains, must have live Brains!

by Dr Dij In reply to "brain" not currently imp ...

well, just so you know, I do mental pushups. Only once every two days, so as to allow the affected area of my brain to recover. I drink special protein shakes (for actual pushups) and take fatty acids and lecithin (since brain is 1/3 wt these).

What is mental pushups? Any considerable workout for short period of brain.

(start off easy)
1. Science News (cellulosic fuel article)
2. Astronomy (article on inflationary universe) - getting harder..
3. Scientific american (with HEAVY biological / genetic articles and more cosmology -- not too hard, don't want to bust the cosmology section of my brain :)
4. ...
(more various bio, nature, science, computer mags)

9. ...
10. AAAS journal - (uuuuuuhhhhhh UUHH!!) made it!
11. watch history of Meitner, Einstein on PBS (to slowly cool down )

(Whew, will go have a pumpkin flavored brewsky --from sea dog brewery in Main, with a dog that looks like a polar bear on front) and disolve all the new found knowledge with alcohol)

(no thinking observed for next two days ..)

And just so you know I am also vastly interested in developing my knowledge of 'branes' as physicists call them.

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light-weight alternatives

by rosecoutre In reply to Brains, must have live Br ...

Hey, last night I also watched history of Meitner, Einstein on PBS. I also do light-weight alternative mental p-ups, e.g., read Discover magazine and books about smart people.

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by GSG In reply to Brains, must have live Br ...

I work in a hospital so I get all the brain teasing I can take. If you can spell esophagogastroduodenoscopy without pausing, and really know what it means, then you are ahead of most of the Docs that actually perform esophagogastroduodenoscopies.

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oh, blast and damn you.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to hospital

you just broke my spellchecker.....


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A caching issue

by sMoRTy71 In reply to "brain" not currently imp ...

Those results are cached every couple of hours, so it can take a little while before you see yourself show up in the results.

So now, you are the only person on TR using "brain."

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