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Break Windows Notepad

By just_chilin ·
By now everybody knows windows notepad usually gets confused when opening a file that has exactly 256 bytes (e.g. this app can break). Well, if you did not know, try the following:

1. Open Notepad
2. Type the text "this app can break" (without quotes)
3. Save the file
4. Re-open the file in Notepad
all you get is a string of boxes or chinese characters.

My question is this: Can you come up with other meaningful sentences that can break notepad?

1. bush hid the facts
2. jobs are for boobs


for the complete article, check out the link below (this api can break).

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That don't happen with my Notepad

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Break Windows Notepad

what OS are you using as I have tried it in Notepad on a Win XP Pro 32 bit SP1 machine and a Win Xp Pro 64 bit SP1 machine and no problemo at all. Same answer for my Win 98 box and Win 3.11. I wonder if this is OS or hardware specific problem?

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Here is why it works

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Break Windows Notepad

Has to do with how Notepad deals with various encoding methods.

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break notepad contents

by vrsreram In reply to Here is why it works

I have data in a notepad and that has to be break at one point and keep that data into different file. so it is like to after 5 lines or 6 lines (lines are uneven) want to select for keep it different.


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i want 2 know weather i can use notepad i n windows 2000

by noudy007 In reply to Break Windows Notepad

actuall im using windows i would like 2 use note pad in my system,kindly guide me weather i can able 2 use note pad r not plz send me clear info regarding this issue.


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worked for me

by Kellster In reply to i want 2 know weather i c ...

Win XP Pro , got all boxes, cool. Anyone come up with more? I have too much time on my hands...

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