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Britain's Blair Visits Troops in Iraq

By Oz_Media ·
Tony Blair has made a recent bisit to Iraq, he was vacationing close by so he flew in to Basra to see troops and commanders.

A few comments I think are inaccurate if not exaggerated though.

They seem to point out the fact that Blair supported Bush's war on terrorism and agreed that Iraq had WMD. What this doesn't address is that although the USA KNEW WMD were used by Saddam and even blindly ignored by Ronny during his term, I never saw a single report where BLAIR tried to convince the people of the UK that Saddam was preparing WMD for use against UK citizens. THIS is what separates a logical reason for war from the hysterical invasion that BUSH launched.

Everyone on the globe knew Saddam was armed with destructive chemical weapons, as terrorist regimes need to be due to the lack the modern arms that they will be opposing. He had not threatened the USA or it's citizens with WMD, nor was there any proof that he had the weapons delivery capabilities to launch a Trans-Atlantic attack on the USA.

To lump BUSH and BLAIR in as like minded is what I see as just another attempt to take the focus off Bush's deception of US citizens and turn it into an amicable agreement between two well informed and misunderstood leaders.

This is all pure crap, Blair hasn't changed HIS story. He said that there was undeniable evidence that Saddam HAD used WMD on HIS people and that this regime should be toppled and the people liberated.

BUSH said that he was saving America and it's people from attack. Not saving IRAQI's from attacks, until much later into the campaign.

As predictable as these moves are, they still annoy the **** out of me because they are so well worded and misleading.

Needless to say, hoardes of Americans will think Bush and Blair see eye to eye and will point the finger at Blair as Bush is acccused of wrongdoings. These men had a similar objective, with a VERY different motivation.

Is it possible that Bush KNEW there were no WMD and simply wanted US citizens to support the effort? Is it not also possible that given the massive gains for corporate USA BUSH decided he HAD to get the people on his side to justify the US war effort, as they wouldn't have backed a invasion campaign with the UK?

They have started toppling Saddam's regime, although MANY miles to go still and I'm sure the goal will be seen one day, I don't like the way that the slimy GWB has snaked his way in and out of public approval to get the job done though.

Note the pictures of what the US news considers the recently liberated and happy Iraqi's, as they forage for food and supplies in the landfill.

The kids checking out the bomb crater in the backyard, that doesn't exist because the US military is very selective and informed of it's targets making it impossible to destroy a civilian home. I can only assume there was a bad guy tied up outside, and the US eliminated him.

Yup, more BS and a loooooooooong way to go.

As Blair implied, this is pretty much just making a statement to other terrorists that a war will ensue if they don't cease to be terrorists.

Guess that means MORE welfare recipients as terrorists all look for second careers.

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