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British Election

By Skidoggeruk ·

Just wondering if people know that there is an election going on today in the UK.

Just heard that there was a bomb set off at the UK consulate in New York. Coincidence?

Anyhow, If you are British, who are/will you be voting for? Why?

Do you think Blair is a liar, as per Michael Howard's recent claims?

Do you care? As per recent polls, which suggest that a large percentage of us believe ALL politicians are liars.

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I didn't vote!

by Starscream In reply to British Election

I am not voting for the simple fact that i don't like any of the parties. And people who say I should vote are wrong as its my equal choice not to vote. If I went into a shop and they only sold beef & tomato, chicken and mushroom and bombay badboy pot noodles and the only one I really want is the Seedy Sanchez variety as its hot but not too hot and very tasty then I wouldn't buy one of the other three because I don't like them. Same with voting, all the parties are useless and until a decent one comes along I'll remain not to vote. Blair and Brown hate each other, Howard is a fraud and Charles Kennedy isn't even a contender "like the bombay badboy". And thats just the party leaders!

Its a boring campaign but we all know, Labour will win, Conservative 2nd and Lib Dem 3rd.

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Pot Noodle

by Skidoggeruk In reply to I didn't vote!


Think I will have to try the Seedy Sanchez now. B&T and C&M are sick inducing, no Bomboy Badboy never attracted

Concur on your prediction, but I do wonder if LibDems will make progress against all the jaded people from the other 2 parties. We'll see tonight

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Going Inde

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Pot Noodle

Was going to votel lib dem but the local candidate describes himself as a commited bible basher and pro-lifer. Not a liberal stand point to my mind, so I'm voting for a local inde who's bigging up the health service and the environment.
Would have voted green.
I'd say your prediction is spot on, but I do sort of hope Kennedy gets on over on Howard, as he's a complete monkey.

3 elections ago I voted for the natural law party; anyones whos manifesto is to set up strategic yogic-flying centres on energy meridians throughout the UK gets my vote!!!!

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Options to not voting

by jdclyde In reply to I didn't vote!

isn't there a political party that shares your views or at least stirs things up?

One of the best "protest" votes you can do is for an upstart party that really doesn't have a chance but brings good ideas to the table.

Just a thought!

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Well I'm not voting

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to British Election

simply because I forgot to get myself back on the electoral role when I came back to the UK. Tax boys found me real quick, must have kept me a secret, makes you wonder who's drawer my money is in.
I would have voted labour, though with great misgivings, as they offended all my ethics with the Iraq goings on. Tories are too stupid to get my vote, LibDem, well if more than two of them come out with the same policy maybe I'll know what I'm voting for. The other candidate is UKIP, which just makes them a total w@nker in my book.

Notice the intrinsic british fairness there, all candidates mentioned.

I shall probably watch some of the coverage tonight as there's nothing I enjoy more than watching a politician lose, so as usual it will keep me entertained as most of them are.
I mean do

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And the winner is...

by Dwiebles In reply to British Election
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I did vote for Tony because

by neilb@uk In reply to British Election

Howard is one of the nastier people in a nasty party. When they played the race card, I was damn sure I was going to vote against them.

Kennedy is a Ginger Tosser Drunk. On a good day.

I was (still am) pretty peeved about Iraq but we have to move on.

All I really hope, though, is that Kilroy-Silk gets shafted as big as it can be done!

I'm hoping for some big laughs tonight. I'm on holiday and I'll be watching late, waiting for something as funny as Michael Portillo getting rogered by the electorate.

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Was a bit boring

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I did vote for Tony becau ...

Though Kilroy Silk did get a good twa@ting as did UKIP, which was nice. The independants were interesting, particularly Blaena Gwynt (sp). Red faces at party office over that attempt at positive discrimination.
The number of BNP candidates and the general level of support as very worrying though. Hopefully they,ll all scurry back under the nearest rick , now the sun's out.

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Same thing happened in the US

by jmgarvin In reply to British Election

We had Kerry or Bush. You guys had the same thing with Blair and Brown. Nobody to vote for, but everything to lose.

What a wonderful world we live in. 'Course the folks on the other side of the pond were making fun of the US for re-electing Bush, but look what they just did ;-)

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Was that a freudian slip ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Same thing happened in th ...

Blair & Brown are at least meant to be on the same side.
The other guy was Howard, he's fallen on his sword after losing, unfortunately that was only figuratively.(the sword bit, not losing)
Howard was more of a Bush than a Kerry though, so us brits can take a lot of comfort from that. Besides seeing as the biggest brit socialist objection to him is he's GWB's poodle, I thought you'd be chuffed.

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