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Broken "Recent activity on your discussions" e-mails.

By deepsand ·
Such e-mails normally include, for each discussion for which there has been recent activity, a header consisting of the name of the discussion, along with a link to to the start of the thread.

Recently, I have been receiving an increasing portion which are missing the header, leaving me with no explicit information as to which discussion the posts belong.

Sometimes, all the headers are missing; the only clue that the various posts are from different threads is the "threadID" parm in the URL.

Many times, owing to the number of posts, it is more desirable to go to the start of the thread & scan for "New" posts, rather than individually following each link in the e-mail to the various posts.

As the URLs span 2 lines in the body of the e-mail, clicking directly on them will not link to the specific post in question, without doing a double copy/paste to concatenate the 2 parts of the URL. Sometimes doing so will take you to the start of the thread; other times such results in an "invalid page."

So, if the header is missing, the only way to reliably get to the thread is to copy the the bulk of the URL into a seperate instance of the browser, and manually edit it to point to the beginning via the "start=0" parm value.

Is TR aware of this problem with the missing headers.

If so, when might this be repaired?

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I've had a few, too

by debuggist Staff In reply to Broken "Recent activity o ...

They were all in March. I haven't had one like that since 3/26. Are you still receiving some without the thread subject and link?

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Yup, with increasing frequency.

by deepsand In reply to I've had a few, too

I'm hoping that one of the TR editors will pickup on this discussion, as they've done on similar ones in the past.

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by deepsand In reply to I've had a few, too

This problem continues unabated.

Do you have an estimated time to repair?

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Are you getting multiple mails?

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Progress?

Are you also getting multiple copies of the same alert e-mails? We are currently looking into that issue (and should have that fix out this week).

When you mention the missing headers, are you referring to the title of the thread or post missing from within the alert e-mail?


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Maybe, Yes, & No.

by deepsand In reply to Are you getting multiple ...

1) I'm not aware of having received duplicate e-mails for some time now, although I have recently seen at least one instance where the alert for a specific post was sent twice, once as a solitary item and also as part of a group of alerts.

2) Alerts begin with a header that includes a numeric designator, the Title of the Discussion, and a link to the root of the thread. It is this 2 line item that is frequently missing.

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Correction re. duplicate e-mails.

by deepsand In reply to Are you getting multiple ...

They're baaaack!

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This should be fixed

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Broken "Recent activity o ...

Our engineering mastermind pushed out a patch about an hour ago. All the e-mail should be properly formatted now. Let us know if the problem recurs.


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Thanks for the heads up.

by deepsand In reply to This should be fixed

I'll save incoming alerts for a while so as to have evidence of any continuing problems.

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