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By poooja ·
When surfing the net from home, all ads/graphics are being displayed as "The page cannot be displayed". When I tried I cannot view anything except the above message. At all links at the top ie Check Email are appearing as an empty box with a red X in the upper left corner. Any suggestions?

This is happening while I am using IE 5.5, Navigator 4.7 or K-Meleon.

Thank you for any help.

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by eBob In reply to Browsers

If you are getting no graphics, then dig around further inside your browser. You almost certainly have "Show Graphics" (or similar) turned OFF.

If you are getting some graphics, but not others, it could be the format of the graphics.

For example, you might not have Flash, and you might have told your browser to "Never bother me about Flash again!". In which case, a BADLY WRITTEN page will give you the result you describe. (BTW, a WELL WRITTEN page will give you an alternative image if youhave Flash disabled.) Also, some new pages are using PNG for their images, and some older browsers cannot display them. Although I believe NN4.x and up and IE5.x and up can handle PNG.

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by mrafrohead In reply to "ALL"?

Are you using a software firewall?? And if so are you sure it is operating properly. I had this problem once while using Norton Internet Security. When I would disable the firewall, I had no problems. When i turned it back on, I had problems like what you posted. I ended up having to reinstall it...

Just something to think about.


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Old versions of Notes Lotus Products

by gduffala In reply to

Older Lotus Notes and Lotus products used to cause a similar problem but it was intermittent.

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