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    Bugs in Office XP


    by sawan gupta ·

    1. In FrontPage open two html files. Close one of them. Then save the other file as the name of the file which was closed. Error will popup cannot save as the name as it is already opened.
    2. Make some changes in an html file using front-page. Thentry to ?Save As? and change the title from that Save Dialog Box only. And save the document. The title does not change.
    3. Edit any (HTML) Tables Page in Word or FrontPage. These Programs crashes many Times. (I was just editing my one E-mail in Hotmail Web Page Saved as Web Page Complete and same I tried to edit in Word).
    4. Similarly in Word. Edit any big file (I tried a 400 KB MHT File ? A Techrepublic?s Article). While working Word Crashed 4-5 times.
    5. Start Mail Merge in Word XP. While selecting destination Addresses, double-click any Word File in any Folder. The Word will keep on flashing in the taskbar and it also has hanged.

    1. Office XP Photo Editor should be able to make previews of animated GIF files.
    Hope that these are taken care of in Ofice 11.

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      More Bugs in Office XP

      by sawan gupta ·

      In reply to Bugs in Office XP

      1. Outlook Express has it and Outlook doesn?t. Guess What? It is the ?Bcc? Field for adding recipients to mail.
      2. While Reading Mails in Outlook, for any Hyperlink, the shortcut cannot be copied. You have to click on the link to get it opened in abrowser. While in Outlook Express right click on a Hyperlink and copy Shortcut.
      3. In Word XP the name of a Book Mark cannot have spaces while FrontPage XP the bookmark can have spaces
      4. Open a Password Protected Access 97 File Access XP. Now Convert it to Access 2000 Format. Twice it asks for the Password for no reason as I already opened the document after giving the password. In vice versa case (i.e. converting Access 2000 to Access 97 file), no password is asked.
      5. Outlook XP Blocks access to unsafe attachments. But If I know that the source is safe than how do I get access to it. My Friend sent me an Access XP (.mdb) file and I couldn?t open it just because of Outlook1. There are two levels of attachment security. Access to level1 files is blocked and can’t be changed. (,mdb comes in this level 1)

      If any one has any solution or know about any addon to eliminate these problem then please reply to me at

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