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    Bugs in XP


    by sawan gupta ·

    1. Right Click on Toolbar. Choose Customize Hide Inactive Icons. The icons shown for various software?s are wrong. The icons shown in History for various Documents under My Computer are wrong.
    2. Same problem in History of Internet Explorer. Under Any Day or Week Choose My Computer, the Icons shown for documents are mostly wrong.
    3. Try to delete selected History Items. It will delete the whole History automatically.
    4. I removed Accessories and Games from Control Panel>Add/Remove Program>Windows Setup. Then Later I reinstalled it in the same way. But the Volume Control, Sound Recorder is all missing. Error for missing sndvol32.exe is shown.
    5. Sometimes folder does not get deleted. I have to reboot the system for deleting them. The error received is:-

    6. Right Click an unidentified File Type and choose Open With. The Number of steps to choose a Program should be small because I had chose Open With so a direct list of Programs should be shown. All those steps should be shown when an unknown type file is double clicked.
    7. Any type of User can change the Video Mode. It is not kept different for each user.
    8. While XP is booting, during its boot screen place a CD (I tried Audio CD) in the CD Drive. XP will boot slowly andthe CD Drive will get removed from the Hardware list and will not be visible in My Computer.

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      Ultimate fix

      by rawhide ·

      In reply to Bugs in XP

      I have used winxp now for 1 year and it is the best os going today. If you are encountering problems like you are saying the best solution is to reformat your hard drive, and reinstall winxp. Be sure to save all your files first that you want beforereformatting.

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        Even more ultimate fix.

        by mrafrohead ·

        In reply to Ultimate fix

        Switch to Windoze 2000 or go Linux.



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          Personally I’d leave

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Even more ultimate fix.

          Winblows all alone and switch to Linux after it doesn’t do to encourage those people at MS into thinking that they are responsible for the PC market. We must do everything possible to pursuede Microsoft to only ship Software that works like they claim it will and until then try to avoid any of their products where possible.

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      Not ready yet

      by djent ·

      In reply to Bugs in XP

      What a surprise, an MS OS with bugs. Don’t install an MS OS before SP3 has been tested, if that takes two years so be it. It’s dejavu all over again!

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