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Build it and they will come!

By maxwell edison ·
I guess the USA isn't getting "socialized" fast enough, so they go to the UK for all the goodies.,,2-2006480089,00.html

When are all you government give-away/transfer of wealth proponents gonna' wise up?

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Canada and US deserters

by JamesRL In reply to Build it and they will co ...

Canada has recently denied refugee status to US Army deserters.

I had an interview with one, Darrell Anderson, who recently crossed the border to face the music. He was dissapointed that he didn't have the right to work, couldn't get health care free for the first three months, and generally wasn't not welcomed like the Vietnam deserters had been.

Difference is, the draft dodgers did not volunteer, and Mr. Anderson and the others were volunteers. They signed up in the Army under their own free will.


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Mr Edison, for future reference.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Build it and they will co ...

The sun is for people with a below 50 IQ, it's about the worst tabloid you could pick up.
This is the paper that comes out with two world wars and one world cup, every time we compete with germany.

It's a common insult in the UK to call someone a sun reader, it means they are thick.

Claiming assylum from the US, are they islamic I wonder ?

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Reference noted . But is the story true?

by maxwell edison In reply to Mr Edison, for future ref ...

Is the story true? You tell me.

Is the general sentiment behind that suggestion true? Absolutely it is.

Do you want to find a neighborhood full of "starving" people? Well, pick a neighborhood, any neighborhood, and build a free food bank, and the "starving people" will suddenly be crawling out of the woodwork!

You're not "dodging" the issue, are you?

Build it (define "it" as ANY dependency on goveernment program), and they will flock to take advantage of it.

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Almost certainly

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Reference noted . But is ...

We are a soft touch. There's starting to be a serious backlash against it, however most of it has distinct racist/ nationalistic tendencies as opposed to simple financial ones.

Unfortuantley if yiou want to make a practical system to give handouts, various lazy types are going to take the urine. The cost of seriously policing it is generally higher than the amount they fleece. The moral cost of just turning people round to be persecuted is even higher.

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Max, you rat, you hit on a soapbox.......

by gadgetgirl In reply to Build it and they will co ...

I'm going to give you the best example going of give-aways, and yes it's true. I've witnessed the whole sorry story....

I unfortunately live in a town where, four years ago, the Council in their lack of wisdom, volunteered to "take in" 400 Kosovan refugees.

They were all brought up here with no knowledge of the culture, no experience of the UK, and no effective use of English, or other communication skills.

This example is living right at the end of my street; (fortunately, it's a long street!) this is how I know what happened, and how I watched the whole thing unfold.

Firstly, the Council allocated housing (which has an average 19 year waiting list) to the refugees, actually leaving some locals without housing, and having to move into emergency accommodation (B & B housing. Horrible) In my street, there was an empty flat on the upstairs floor, with a disabled gentleman living downstairs. He'd been in the small flat for about 10 years; he was given that particular flat for ease of access to local shops, as he had lost a leg. They actually put him in a home about three miles away and knocked down walls etc. to convert these two flats back to a large house as originally built.

They then "installed" a couple with three children, Kosovan, after they had furnished the entire house from top to bottom; new carpets, furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances etc. They then gave them a "per week" allowance for each of them, and the three kids, having stocked a large fridge freezer and kitchen cupboards prior to them moving in.

About two weeks later, they ventured into the supermarket in the town centre, stocked two trolleys, got it all through the checkout, and were amazed that they had to pay. They couldn't. So the supermarket staff got onto the council; who immediately agreed to foot the bill..... News of this went around the refugee community like wildfire, and the council, to whom I pay my rates, kept on footing the bill to the tune of.... who knows? They wouldn't tell us!

After this particular family had pulled this stunt, an interpreter and social services staff were sent to the house. They couldn't understand how this family was penniless; there was a simple explanation. The father had taken all the money they had been given, and bought a mobile phone so he could phone home. To fund the calls, he had sold the new carpeting from most of the home as well as two of the three single beds put in for the kids. He'd also sold the cooker and the washer, claiming his wife didn't need them as she didn't know how to use them. He had even sold the milk coupons for which they were eligible for their youngest child.

He was told in no uncertain terms where he'd gone wrong; the council forked out for replacements, and social services called daily for about six months to ensure everything was still in the house.

Then he decided to work for himself, and turned his backyard into a car scrap yard. This, on top of the fact that they never put their rubbish out for collection created a rat infestation (thankfully, far away from me!) which again, the council had to clear. And they also had to take away all the car parts, too; he was claiming unemployment benefit, and couldn't understand why working for himself disallowed this.....

No-one has yet seen his wife, he keeps her in the house the whole time for "religious reasons"; the kids run amok in the street, and did for the majority of the school holidays. Amazingly, they are learning English; unfortunately, they're learning every swear word ever heard in these parts. The police are sick of calling there; the kids have vandalised all sorts of things from builders skips to parked cars and have stolen other kids toys. Immediate neighbours have asked that they be moved only to be told there is "nowhere else". Oh, and they don't want to create a Kosovan community; it wouldn't make for true cultural diversity.....

Funnily enough, two weeks ago, they had relations staying from Kosovo.....the entire house was cleaned from top to bottom; they had a week long party (glad I'm not an immediate neighbour!) and the corner shop supplied a dozen bottles of (not cheap) champagne for the occasion.........

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The other things they have done rile me even more but what's worse is that I'm paying the council, the council is paying them, and I have no say in the matter. Don't get me wrong; if I thought they had a legitimate reason for asylum (they don't; he's bragged about that) I'd be the first one stepping up to get them over here and settled. But they're taking a lend of this stupid, costly system and in the end, it's the likes of me who ends up paying.

Rates, incidentally, have increased something like 30% in real value since the local population had to pay for the council's "generosity". I can't afford this any more, but what option do I have?

Any one over there want a lodger?


Max: I can't BELIEVE that YOU of all people read the Currant Bun!!

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