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bullying and discrimination and harassment in forums

By NZ_Justice ·
When a site decides to set up forums, they do so with good intentions, a place where people can share their ideas and knowlage with other people, and any one can be accepted. Weither they are 1 or 100 or any age inbetween, smart or dumb, good english, bad english or no english. Yet it appears people in forums once they take an offence to something they just turn nasty, then becuase they been around for a while they get all their friends aganist this person too. Then mob rule takes over and they go on a richeous crusade to cleanse the ethnic minorities from the forum area. It's just a forum, people still live their lives outside of it. Why bully, discriminate and harass?

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Okay, NZ_Justice - Time for some Harsh_Justice

by maxwell edison In reply to bullying and discriminati ...

I've been on the sidelines watching others take pot-shots at you, and you at them, and I've watched you incite that very thing. And now you are crying about it. Sorry, dude, no sympathy here.

I've respectfully commented on only one or two of your messages, even though your messages weren't that respectful (the Hal9000 eye comments, for example), and I've taken a pass on playing your stupid games.

Let me be perfectly frank; you're an immature dolt; you have not contributed one productive thing to these forums or this site; you're no more than litter on the information super highway; and people don't like to see such trash laying around.

Your idiotic quest to post nothing but nonsense and drivel, only to achieve the number one ranking, is not only obvious, but a disgusting turn-off. For the most part, the people around here are professionals, something you apparently are not. My guess is that you're some 16 year old punk whose parents ignore you and you stay holed up in your room playing on your computer. If not, you damn sure act like one.

Do yourself a favor. Never post on this site as NZ_Justice again. Create a new account and a new alias, and try again -- but only with some semblance of maturity and professionalism.

And if you started this discussion only to generate more replies to which you could post even MORE of your nonsense to further advance your score, get a friggin' life.

Now go away, kid, you bother not only me, but all of us.

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Thank you for making my point and I meant no disrespect to HAL9000

by NZ_Justice In reply to Okay, NZ_Justice - Time f ...

mate sorry to offend you. I liked your reply about HAL9000 and I thanked you for it. I have posted in the Miscellaneous and I thought I could post crap here. Isn't that why it's Miscellaneous. I wish people would read my reply, I'm like a million times saying I'm sorry. I havn't gotten my rating by posting in these stupid forum sections. So what i can't place threads now because I pissed you off. Dam. I see threads of crap posted all the time. Have you gone through the treads lately? Please read this. Every body seems to overlookin my apologie and I'm getting crap form you guys for pissing you guy's off. But thats not what this thread is about anyway. I was been more genral.

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You didn't offend me

by maxwell edison In reply to Thank you for making my p ...

Not in the least. You deserve a spanking, and I just gave you one -- cyber style.

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I repeat

by maxwell edison In reply to Thank you for making my p ...

Do yourself a favor. Never post on this site as NZ_Justice again. Create a new account and a new alias, and try again -- but only with some semblance of maturity and professionalism.

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lost cause

by NZ_Justice In reply to I repeat

So cyber spanking me is the semblance of maturity and professionalism with which you want me to create my new account with. did you read my reply. there was content in the body of it. Man.

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how about a compromise

by NZ_Justice In reply to I repeat

the compromise is...

I just won't create any more new threads.

It's gonna happen anyway so it really isn't a compromise.

And you can just watch me become number 1.

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by noyoki In reply to how about a compromise

Your obsession with being #1 is the main reason (I think, or at least I'd like to hope) that you are posting crap threads and replies. If you read every thread, sure, some of them are bad. But are they all posted by the same person?

This could be another part of starting over. Punishment as well as a new beginning. Take your lumps and quit this nonsense of being #1. Do you need to be "the best" (aka #1) at something so badly? Create your own forum and post away there then.

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Here Here

by Forensic Crypto Man In reply to Obsession

Who cares if you're #1 or #101? It's what you post that matters, not how much you post.

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Reading the reply

by Cactus Pete In reply to Thank you for making my p ...

I have no idea what you're talking about - perhaps if you want someone to read a particular post, provide a link to it.

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It's all this post

by NZ_Justice In reply to Reading the reply

I can't stress this enough. I'm not attacking anyone in TR. sorry I made refernce to the other links, but they have (in my oppinion anyway) nothing to do with this thread.

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