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Burn the US Flag

By Dr Dij ·
The senate may pass this time a constitutional amendment to prohibit flag burning

I think people should be free to burn the flag, subject to fire and nuisance regulations. I.E. they should not be allowed to burn a flag anywhere they would not be allowed to light a piece of paper on fire.

Before you call me a commie, I think that anyone who would ban burning of the flag themselves is symptomtic of totalitarian regimes. They are trying to outlaw FREEDOM of expression.

Substitute that same person holding a banner, in the same place saying 'USA Sucks'. (or anything else sucks for that matter). I don't thing the USA sucks but alot of people have died to protect our freedoms, not to have a bunch of people with * up their * tell me what I can and can't do. How do you feel?

(and if you disagree I think you're stupid, possibly fascist or commie, and that's my freedom of expression, long live freedom!)

Here's link to the article on yahoo at usatoday

Seems majority of Americans agree with me:

Last paragraph of article
"A poll released last week by the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center in Nashville found 63% oppose a flag amendment, up from 53% last year."

"Clearly, more Americans are having second thoughts about using a constitutional amendment to" instill respect for the flag, said Gene Policinski, the center's executive director. "Many Americans consider it the ultimate test of a free society to permit the insult or even desecration of one of the great symbols of the nation."

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The next step...

by Jessie In reply to Burn the US Flag

... right after making it constitutionally illegal to burn the flag, the next step is making it constitutionally illegal to speak out against the government... and then constitutionally illegal to elect new government, as there's nothing constitutionally wrong with the current regime...

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That sparks some visions!

by Oz_Media In reply to The next step...

I see 100' high banners of GWB's face hanging from buildings, even a STATUE perhaps in the city center, it would give people something to topple when they invade you).

Yeah these are extremes but they are only extreme until they become reailty, then nobody saw it coming.

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I'm just wondering how many truths

by jck In reply to That sparks some visions!

will come out about GJ (George Junior)...probably as little as he can keep out of history least til he's too old to realize he did them anymore.

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Funny you should mention that..

by TomSal In reply to The next step...

I sure some of you, who have demonstrated in past forums a knowledge of history, will recall that early in our nation's history (US) it was against the law to speak out about the President, if you cursed at him you could be fined and I believe spend a night in jail.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Funny you should mention ...

As were other countries in their pas too.

Yet we actually evolved into a free society.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Burn the US Flag

They burn the US flag in England in protest, as well as the union jack.

HAven't seen too muvh of it in Canada for any flag, protesters here just fight to free the fish and stuff, it's not really focused on the US as much as people dislike OUR government for following the US.

Flag burning is not a Canadian thing though, yet I am sure it must have happened over time.

I wouldn't even burn a country's flag, I grew up to actually respect any country's colours.

BUT, it shouldn't be illegal to do so in protest, it's not like someone's lighting the flag on top of Target on fire. There isn't a SHORTAGE of flags that's for sure.

But if we are truly allowed freedom to protest and show our personal convictoins, then restricting such practice, outside of those places where it is a danger, is the same as restricting freedom of expression in my eyes.

I concur, I'm not a flag burner but wouldn't disallow someone else doing it, especially by law.

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Quebec versus rest of Canada

by JamesRL In reply to Huh

There have been some incidents of Quebecers disrespecting Canadian flags and vice versa. Burning, stomping etc.

In most cases, people of good faith realize that these are the actions of zealots/extremists and not of good rational people on both sides. Prosecuting these people would have been a polarizing thing which did nothing but inflame passions and give the act greater importance than it deserves.

But Canadians don't have a flag created in war, so we don't have the same feelings - out flag is also much newer.


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Booing the National Anthem

by DMambo In reply to Quebec versus rest of Can ...

I've been to baseball games in Montreal (they used to have a team ) where they booed the US national anthem, which might be understandable since it's a foreign country's, and booed O, Canada, including the French part. Now that's nasty.

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There was an incident I recall

by JamesRL In reply to Booing the National Anthe ...

At the time of the beginning of the war on Iraq where a US team of young hockey players was booed as they arrived...many Quebecois were deeply embarassed and ashamed though - there was an outpouring of sympathy for these kids.

In Toronto, we stand respectfully for US anthem, but I hear that the Canadian anthem has been boooed in some rougher ball parks....seems to matter less now that Toronto is not a contender and Montreal is no more.

Toronto fans do boo former players, but only the ones who dissed us after they leave. Dave Winfield, as a Yankee, killed a seagull with a warmup throw and was booed. Later he became a Jay and was well loved for his charity work.

I was at one of the last games in Montreal. The stadium was tired. Got great seats and watched Sammy Sosa knock one out. Sad, since they once had a great team. The year of the strike (93) there was a possibility of a Toronto/Montreal World Series.

I have heard singers sing a bilingual version of the anthem in an English part of Canada, and have heard boos during the French part. Its sad, especially since the author was French Canadian.


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Montreal Baseball

by DMambo In reply to There was an incident I r ...

I went to a game last year in MTL. It was raining cats and dogs and I expected a good crowd in the covered stadium since you would not want to do any outdoor activities that day. They drew just over 8,000 fans - pitiful. My bro-in-law told me that one year due to contract problems, there was no French or English TV broadcasts and only French radio. Not a great situation for supporting a team.

A friend of mine was at a flea market in Quebec in '95 and found a guy selling Rawlings 1994 World Series souvenir baseballs (for the series never played). He picked up a few for $2.00 each, gave one to my son as a keepsake and had a couple signed by Expos mgr Filipe Alou the following year.

The stadium was kind of a toilet for the past few years.

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