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    Burning DVD Files


    by dixitn ·

    I am using Bit Torrent to download movies from the net and Windows media Player to burn it to a DVD. When I attempt to play the DVD on a Commercial DVD plyaer, I get an error “Disk is Dirty” whcih I think means that the format is not one supported by the DVD plyaer. What can I use to burn and play on a Commercial DVD player?

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      Here’s your answer:

      by dr dij ·

      In reply to Burning DVD Files

      I was driving nearby and saw a sign ‘Lily video dry cleaners’. Thought, maybe a double store, no .. stupid combo.. Had no idea what this store was for until I saw your problem. (thought maybe it made XXX dirty movies ‘clean’ 🙂

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      Might need Nero’s Vision Express

      by jim_p ·

      In reply to Burning DVD Files

      Or some program that can convert video files into DVD format, I say Media Player is just burning into either AVI files or a certain format that DVD players can’t recognise.


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      Burning DVD Files

      by pontaffel ·

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      I asume that ?regular?DVD,s are playing without errors. If so it depends on the format of the files you are downloading (e.g. VOB, Divx) and your user experience with downloading and burning DVD files. Also the region you are located can give some problems by downloading DVD files from a different region that where you personaly are located. Also check the manual of your DVD player which type of DVD Rom (-R or +R)it supports, using the wrong format can also lead to read problems. All in all my experience with Nero Burner version 7 is just great and covers nearly every DVD issue you would have with burning DVD?s

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