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Burning to a CD at a size of 800 MB

By Dee ·
Hello everybody,

got a small issue - does anyone know how to burn a 800 MB sized CD, if your system (W2K and XP Pro) does not recognise the size of this CD, the maximum is 74/80 min. What are the requirements to be able to use CD's at this size ?Or do I need to buy a burner that is capable of handling it ?

Any ideas very welcome.


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by TheChas In reply to Burning to a CD at a size ...

The hardware (laser) in the CD burner,
The firmware (in the burner),
And the burning software

ALL need to be capable of running 800MB CD media before you can use the higher capacity disks.

Check with the drive manufacture for a firmware upgrade.

Check the software mfg for an update or newer version that supports 800MB CDs.

CAUTION: High density CDs may not be able to be read on many CD drives.


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Burn big CD's

by GuruOfDos In reply to Burning to a CD at a size ...

Nero5.5 and NeroExpress both work under XP/Win2K and both support >800Mb disks.

You can check with the Nero website which burners support the software and if the burners have firmware updates. One word of caution. 800Mb disks can almost without exception ONLY be read on the drive used to burn them, or an identical model. I can burn nearly 820Mb on my Artec48-8-48 drive and read the files on a similarly equipped PC but cannot read the disks on ANY other drive. The media must also be certified for 800Mb+. Standard 74/80 minute disks can normally be overburned by a minute or so for audio and by 2-3Mb for data, using Disk-At-Once Overburn options in Nero. I have a lot of movies around 745-820Mb and they simply will not finalise on a 700Mb disk. I can occasionally read the disks in DivX even if Nero reports a burn failure but this cannot be guaranteed.

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To Chas and Guru.....

by Dee In reply to Burn big CD's

Thanks for the quick reply, both of you just confirmed what I was thinking already.....shame shame shame. So will have a look around to get this sorted, thanks for the help !


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