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Bush and the Democrat majority

By jardinier ·
As I only pop in occasionally these days (it is much more fun upsetting fundamentalist Christians at I apologise if someone has already started a discussion about this topic.

Because I have virtually no understanding of American politics, I would like to know how much influence the Democrat controlled government can exert on the Republican administration.

I guess they can block bills and so forth, but can they actually force the administration to make any significant changes in policy?

Of course whether or not to stay the course in Iraq is the most prominent issue, but no doubt there are many domestic issues on which the parliament can exert pressure to force the Bush administration to alter or abandon policies.

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My opinion:

by maxwell edison In reply to Bush and the Democrat maj ...

On Iraq:

The President has the authority the wage the "war on terror" however he sees fit. Such authority was approved by Congress in 2001. I'm not sure if there is a provision for a future Congress to rescind that authority, but I highly doubt it, especially considering I've not heard of any such provision. (Not to mention the possible disastrous logistical implications.)

Congress does, however, control the purse-strings. They could, through budgetary measures, deny funding for anything they want. If they did that, they would, in essence, be denying funding to the very same effort they previously approved. This would especially hold true for those (of both parties, by the way) who voted in favor of the authority in 2001, but then voted to deny funding in 2007. Such a move certainly wouldn't bode well for their stated position of "supporting the troops, but opposing the action". (Which is, in my opinion, both a contradiction and an insult.)

If I were to guess, I'd say that they'll continue to score talking-points on the issue, but in the end, the president will get his way and his funding. Another opinion I hold is that America's Democrat Party doesn't have the stomach for defining and pursuing victory, and they will continue to play politics with the war; they are also apparently on the same side as our radical Islamic enemies, at least based on the similarities in their public comments.

On increasing the scope of America's social programs:

The Democrat Congress will get what they want, and the president will kiss their butts and sign whatever legislation they put before him.

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by puppybreath In reply to My opinion:

at least it's a female butt he's kissing. Eliminates another Foley scandal.

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