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Bush, Cheney, Rove, and others involved in fraud?

By Aldanatech ·
According to an Ohio Supreme Court case, Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Others are named in an election fraud suit. Here is the PDF of the suit filed:

Judging from this document and from what you already know, do you think they were in fact involved in a fraud to win Ohio, or are they being wrongfully accused?

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Election 2004 Irregularities

by Aldanatech In reply to Bush, Cheney, Rove, and o ...

According to, there were severe irregularities on the 2004 Presidential Election:

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OF course they are involved in fraud

by Oz_Media In reply to Bush, Cheney, Rove, and o ...

They are POLITICIANS. Fraud, Lies, deceit, crocodile smiles, baby kissing, it's all fraud, its all politics.

Don't tell me that FINALLY some Americans are realizing that politics is complete BS and you NEVER hear the truth OR facts from politicians or ther people! NEVER! Pliticians are over paid liars, end of story. We never see the real story until much later, when the truth is ALLOWED to be aired, usually by a successor.

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Didn't think they would go this far

by Aldanatech In reply to OF course they are involv ...

You're right Oz. Like you said, they are politicians, and we can expect lies or fake friendship smiles from any of them at any time. But fraud to win a presidential election? If it is finally confirmed, it would just be too much. It would be unacceptable. It would be an insult to our country's founding fathers, the American way of life, and to everyone who ever fought for our freedom.

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Then there's reality

by Oz_Media In reply to Didn't think they would g ...

Just like every other country that has dropped the whole patriotic, we the people crap, the USA will soon realize that people make a country, not politics or economy.

Politicians lie, economy's crumble, all right under the noses of the founding fathers. The people make the country what it is, not the leaders. Leaders of a country are just knobs with jobs, they don't REALLY run anything, they just feel like they do.

Perhaps this is why some people can't see how you all place so much faith in the government to do what's right, or back the president no matter what he does or says.

Once the forefathers become forgotten, which they always are after a few hundred years, perhaps Americans will run America thenselves with eyes open and not let politicians otsource jobs and start unethical wars, instead of FOLLOWING a politician who is SUPPOSED to have his eyes open and tell the truth to the people.

YOu wil notice that Canada and England's leaders all act on the voice of the people. What the people want they get for the most part, that's how they get reelected. Not based on who was the better war hero 20 years ago.

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God Save the Queen

by house In reply to Then there's reality

... the fascist regime... they made you a morrrrrrrrronnnnn... a potential H-bomb. LOL. I think that our political system in Canada is great, but the best one in my book, is that of Australia. If Colin is involved in any way with politics, he will second that notion.

The Australian system is very similar to Canada's except that they offer a more representative approach. Plus, and I know you won't like this, I think that it is illegal for you to not vote.

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Are you talking to me?

by Oz_Media In reply to God Save the Queen

Facist regime? I agree that things are great here. Every government sucks, but Canada's is at least notin your face everyday and they are just ordinary people that don't get treated like anything but ordinary people. Very much like England (no the Queen doesn't really run government)and I agree that Australia has an EXCELLENT political system. Julian actually enjoys a good US political chat, he is a former journalist that takes an interest in such things, unlike most Canadians who really aren't too bothered about the government nor inundated with speeches and BS everyday. Unless there is something importnat that concerns us, they are unheard of (just the way I like it).

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Just a...

by house In reply to Are you talking to me?

...miserable attempt at an inside joke regarding anti monarchy/patriotism. Judging by your background and age, I thought that you might have been a fan of the early Punk-Rock culture that grew out of England (Pistol's song). I am well aware that the royal family plays very little political role these days. :)

I like the fact that Canada's structure and politics are not thrown in our faces everyday too. The fact that we are not "forced" to swallow their ideas, allows a person like me to remain interested on the political front, as I have a tendency to reject things that are shoved in my face.

There is no blind patriotism in Canada - we love our Country for what it is. I'm sure that there are Americans who think the same way, but the general consensus, in my point of view, is that they are fed this garbage everyday without allowing the development of independent thought.

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The great TR Swindle? LOL!

by Oz_Media In reply to Just a...

Can't believe I missed that!! I throw lyrics out in posts all the time, I must have been headwrecked over a busy day or something.

Yes I know the Pistols well, not personally, though I have met Johnny at a meet and greet after a show in Vancouver.

The rest of your thoughts, I agree! Force fed patriotism, it would make me puke I never grew up with it. I have always felt free to think and feel any way I want about the world, all by myself and without political influence.

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Full marks!

by jardinier In reply to God Save the Queen

As an Australian, I couldn't agree more.

There are a few modifications which some people would like to see, like fixed terms in Federal Parliament as we have in the various states.

Because in Australia we have what is possibly as close as you can get to true freedom of the Press, all politicians are under constant scrutiny.

Politicians from the Prime Minister down have to live with daily lampooning and questioning of their motives. It just goes with the job in Australia.

But even some of the more patriotic Americans at this website are starting to think that the American political system and constitution are well overdue for a thorough overhaul.

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by house In reply to Full marks!

I don't claim to know much about Australian politics, but during the last election run here in Canada, I remember seeing a comparative study of the two. I was very impressed at the fact that everything that we find fault with here, had a solution in your country. In fact, I am so interested that I am going to look it up right now, eventhough it is 3:00 in the morning.

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