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Bush sounding like a Canadian PM.

By Oz_Media ·
We have often been chasitized for the crass approach of our country's PM's over the years.

It's a touch of home to hear Bush swearing about other countries also, it at least makes him appear human.

"During a private luncheon today at the G8 meeting in St. Petersburg, comments made by U.S. President George Bush on the conflict in the Middle East were picked up by a microphone.

Bush, who was munching on a roll, was heard telling Blair that Syria should get Hezbollah to "stop doing this sh1t."

Last G8 had the attending countries talking behind Bush's back about his reluctance to view America as part of a globaly recognized problem.

I guess this year is Bush's turn to slag someone while at G8.
Well done, George; call 'em as you seem 'em.

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Nothing could compare

by DMambo In reply to Bush sounding like a Cana ...

to Jean Chretien, in his sunglasses, grabbing a guy by the throat. I remember seeing a front page picture in the Montreal Gazette. What were the circumstances around that? Wasn't it an assault attempt, or something? Good to know that the PM could defend himself better than the professional security guards all around him.

As far as Bush goes, this comment can't hurt him. It doesn't give his opponents any new ammo, and his supporters will think it makes him even more down to earth.

Now if Clinton had uttered such profanity, it would have shown him to be a vulgar, profane sinner unworthy of holding the highest office of God's favorite country.

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Hurt him?

by Oz_Media In reply to Nothing could compare

No, I would think it would help him. A leader who speaks like a person and acts like a person is usually my preference. I hate smoke and mirrors and I absolutely despise people who are not straight up. Call it as you see it, crocodile smiles don't work with me.

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That is...

by onbliss In reply to Hurt him?

Diplomats test the waters in a not too straight way.

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That was a protestor.

by oldbag In reply to Nothing could compare

He got into the PM's face and Jean grabbed him by the throat. His security detail appears to have lost him for a short while that day.

What's up with GW starting to call the current PM 'Steve'? A little too familiar there. That gives me the willies almost as much as Regan and Mulrooney singing a duet of Irish Eyes are Smiling.

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Sources close to the Prime Minister

by JamesRL In reply to That was a protestor.


Not his wife or his mother, or his close friends. He chooses to be called Stephen.

So if Bush is trying to appear familiar in reality, it looks like he doesn't know him from, well Steve.


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That's like calling me Barbie

by oldbag In reply to Sources close to the Prim ...

I am Barb or Barbara but if you want to stay on my good side, never, ever put that 'ie' on the end of my name.

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by Oz_Media In reply to That's like calling me Ba ...

I had an ex that would lose it if you DIDN'T add an IE on her name. I prefer when people just call me whatever they choose, including many four letter words. I do, why not others? I believe in dishing it out in good sized portions, but I can take it just as well. ANY press is good press they say.

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edited out

by X-MarCap In reply to That's like calling me Ba ...

edited out

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Don't sound so shocked

by Oz_Media In reply to That was a protestor.

They cloned GWB when they decided who woul de Canada's PM. I haven't met anyon ethat actually voted for him, I am beginning to wonder if it was like a US election, where voting is an uneccessary formality.

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It's an insult

by DMambo In reply to That was a protestor.

Opponents of gay marriage, who are among Bush's most ardent supporters, have a saying:
"It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"

By calling the PM Steve, Bush is basically saying that he's gay.

Too bad that Chretien is no longer PM, he'd throttle Bush for that one.

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