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Bush: U.S. on Verge of Energy Breakthrough

By maxwell edison ·

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We await with interest

by neilb@uk In reply to Bush: U.S. on Verge of En ...

Seriously, Max. I do hope that this is for real. The general tenor of the article, though, is pretty downbeat.

You have, also, been "held hostage" by foreign suppliers, some with "fundamental differences with America" for the full length of Bush's Presidency and before. Long before any of the initiatives that Bush may or may not set in motion, Bush will be gone. Will the incoming President follow Bush's lead or will he (or she?) go his own route?

Good luck. I'm not holding my breath.

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My point proven!

by Oz_Media In reply to We await with interest

I just said that anyone reading that article woul dthink the US gets most of it's oil from unfriendly/hostile countries.

Most of the US supply comes from friendly neighbours with the US imposed NAFTA agreement supporting it.


Iraq is number 6 on the list and with a VERY small role. Saudi Arabia was 3rd, but the way Bush hold hands and hangs out with Saudi's, we can hardly view them as unfriendly either.

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Alarmist perspective based on remaining gallons

by Absolutely In reply to My point proven!

I don't care to check the data, but my memory is that the US already imports disproportionately from friendly nations, but there is much more unmined oil in unfriendly nations. The logical implication is that in the future, we will either use other sources of energy much more, or give much more money to nations that are friendly to terrorism.

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As long as a Liberal isn't elected

by X-MarCap In reply to We await with interest

We will actually go farther down the path we are now on. As an Ex-Marine (as if there is an EX) captain I think we shouldn't be doing exactly what we are doing. I think we should have bitten a much bigger chunk off.

Even though we are not willing to admit the real problems with our activities are mostly internal. Our Liberal political wing is gathering strength due to the desire to be isolationistic that is an integral part of the American Psyche. Until people realize that a plane can go from here to there in a few hours, they won't understand the need to destroy terrorists. Yes I mean destroy, not appease or contain or redirect.

America must have the political will to stay the course even into a more active conflaguration. We cannot afford a John Kerry, John McCain, or Bill or Hillary Clinton type. Appeasers like these will get more people killed. More American civilians killed. When I was in OCS (Officer Candidate School, also called PLC platoon leaders class) I was told that the Marines were paid to take the bullets so no American Civilian have to take the bullet.

The only thing we really have to fear is the internal idiocy.

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Hopefully it will happen

by antuck In reply to Bush: U.S. on Verge of En ...

Finally a politician stating that we need to get off oil. I have thought for years that we could be less dependent on oil. I figured that if researched it right batteries would replace oil.

Last year I was at a drag strip and saw an electric dragster run over 150MPH in the quarter mile. If they can do that they surely can figure out how to make a regular vehicle to run on battery.

I can't belive it but GWB said something that made sense. Something that would help the country. I am impressed especially coming from a guy from Texas. Wow I can't belive I actually complemented him. I think I am becoming very ill :)

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Should have happeneed a long time ago

by Garret` In reply to Bush: U.S. on Verge of En ...

Imagine, all the money that has been wasted on lead, jet fuel, and fake turkeys in the past 50 years used instead to create and research alternative energy sources.

I remember Bush being interviewed by - of all people - Letterman a few years ago and he asked why Bush was mining for oil in Alaska and wouldn't it be better if we used an alternate energy? Bush replied "the technology just isn't there, it just isn't there." Yea, right. There were hydrogen cars 20 years ago.

Maybe I will be able to buy a car that runs off something other then petrol in my life-time. I even think of that everytime I put my foot on the accelerator pedal of my weeney 1.6 litre Corolla.

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Garret - Did you just make that up?

by maxwell edison In reply to Should have happeneed a l ...

The exact dialogue from the October 2000 Bush - Letterman interview:

"I heard something a couple weeks ago coming out of your campaign and I just thought, 'Well, this is not true, he's not really going to do that,'" Letterman said. "Talking about wilderness lands up in Alaska or the Arctic Circle -- you're going to take trucks up there and drill for oil. And I said, 'Oh, that's a joke! He's not going to do that!'"

"Yeah, well, then you're not going to have any natural gas if we don't do that," Bush said.

"Don't you have bad air pollution down in Texas?" Letterman asked.

"We got a lot of cars," Bush said.

"Is it the worst city in the country for air pollution, is that true?" Letterman asked.

"Well, we're the best in reducing toxic pollutions," Bush said.

"But it's a problem -- isn't it a problem?"

"Well, it's a big city!" Bush whined. "It's a big city!"

"It's not as big as New York! It's not as big as Los Angeles!"

"We're making progress," Bush said.

"But listen to me, governor, here's my point," Letterman said.

"I am listening to you," Bush said, "I don't have any choice but to listen to ya!"

Letterman asked Bush about the time Gore was on the show and pledged to lead the country in efforts to save the planet. "Do you believe him when he said that?" Letterman asked.

"Not really," Bush said. And the crowd went wild.

After a Letterman shtick on the need for alternative energy sources, he brought the segment to a close. "Sooner or later, we're going to have to make a significant change."

"I think we can do that," Bush said.

"Not just lip service, not just an item on a campaign," Letterman said. "The polar ice cap is melting, that's all I know."


Another exchange of interest:

So Letterman then asked Bush about the terrorist murder of 17 U.S. sailors in Yemen. Seriously.

"If I find out who it was, they'd pay a serious price," Bush said of the bombing. "I mean a serious price."

"Now, what does that mean?" Letterman asked, a follow-up Bush doesn't often get when he's asked about such bravado.

"That means they're not going to like what happened to them," Bush said, and the crowd went wild.

"Now are you talking about retaliation or due process of law?" Letterman asked.

"Heh-heh," Bush said. "I'm talking about gettin' the facts and lettin' them know we don't appreciate it and there's a serious consequence ... And I'll decide what that consequence is."


So Garret, your memory is extremely flawed. Or was there another Letterman interview? If so, please find a transcript. Or did you just make that up? That's it, isn't it? You just made it up! Come on, fess up.

Source of interview clips: (of all places!)

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Maxwell - yes I did

by Garret` In reply to Garret - Did you just mak ...

I made it up. It wasn't a few years ago at all when he said that! It was back in 2000!

If you can find the whole transcript then I'll agree that my memory is extremely flawed. Until then, however, I'll argue that that is what he said.

Oh and I also embellished the truth a little about the hydrogen cars being made 20 years ago. I think I made it sound like that was when they were first around. Sorry. The hydrogen car and its technology has been around MUCH longer than that.

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That is only part of it but here it is anyway

by Garret` In reply to Here ya' go - The whole i ...

<quote>After a Letterman shtick on the need for alternative energy sources, he brought the segment to a close. "Sooner or later, we're going to have to make a significant change."</quote>

That's where he said it. Thanks for providing the reference. Ultimately Bush knew before he was even the president there was a need for alternative energy, and he also knew very well the technology is, was, and ever will be there. He lied about the technology not being ready, and people like you believe him. The middle east has had America, and subsiquently the rest of the world "over the barrel" (Bush's words, not mine) for far too long now.

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