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Buying professional experience with $$$

By rzan ·
I am writing this article to expose a dirty little secret among many foreigners who have recently immigrated to the U.S. and have dediced to become programmers. This article is not intended to scorn immigrants or any particular ethnic group, but I feel it is necessary for me to share what I know is happening in many companies. There are many so called "computer schools" out there which offer programming courses and for some extra $$$$, will lie for you as a job reference. You pay them and they will vouch for phony experience when a potential employer calls for references. This is a common practice with many immigrants who have all jumped on the programming bandwagon, thinking that they will get a high paying job after 15 months of class. Not only is this practice unfair and unprofessional, it prevents qualified applicants from landing jobs which they are legitimately qualified for. How these people actually get jobs is beyond me, because their skills after 15 months are barely sufficient to land them any job. They lack the ability to communicate fluently both on paper and in speaking, and I have personally found that their arrogance and conceit is astonoshing. Has the IT and programming industry collapsed so bad that they will resort to such disgusting and corrupt practices as selling phony experience in exchange for cash and referals to potential new students. I know of such schools in my neighborhood which engage in this practice and was wondering if I should take the initiative and report them to the better business beaureu and state education dept. Any school operating for the purpose of making a profit on tuition must be registered with the state education dept, which these schools have failed to do. If anyone knows of such schools, feel free to share your thoughts.

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by bwklatt In reply to Buying professional exper ...

Sounds like you've had first-hand experience with this type of 'graduate'. Yes, you could report them to the local BBB, but how many potential employers would think to check with a BBB before hiring a programmer? If you do report them, take precautions to protect your identity since you may be subject to reprisals if they believe you've reduced their ability to profit from this type of scam. Another possibility might be to find a journalist willing to work with you to do an expose' on this type of scam and sell the article to a magazine targeted to HR-dept's. Good luck.

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Organized Crime connections

by rzan In reply to

I have recently found out that these schools have affilitations with organized crime, primarily the Russian mafia, which make some of their profits off of these scams. The profits from these schools go to fund some of the illegal operations of these organized crime cartels, both in the U.S. and in the former Soviet Union. To report them would be risky on my part, but to allow this scam to continue is not fair to truly talented and experienced people out there looking for jobs. I have always considered myself a law abiding citizen and to watch these crooks rob people is outright disgusting and dirty.

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