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a few things

by Langlier In reply to BYPASSING PASSWORD ON A D ...

1. this sounds more then a little suspicious (laptops on ebay that have "forgotten" passwords are often stolen. you may want to verify that yours is not)

2. What type of password, Windows, BIOS, or other?

3. Back to point 1 this is more then a little suspicious and as this is a reputable site you likely wont get more help.

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Message has been deleted.

by wmtdanimal In reply to a few things
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Regarding suspicious

by tommyboy0101 In reply to a few things

I guess Langlier is a detective.
JUST A FYI,, This happens all the time on EBay. I myself purchased a dell laptop and when I got it it had a authenication password which meant I could not access anything. I contacted the owner,, he said it didn't have a password and all I had to do it hit enter twice,, ,ya right.. I hit enter twice and it shut down . so for your information people do buy laptops on line that they find t hey can not acess due to passwords. THEY ARE NOT CROOKS..

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But Don't you think

by IC-IT In reply to Regarding suspicious

That the sellers may have been?
To provide a method of clearing the password(s) would still be helping the Thieves.

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by NearFatalFall In reply to But Don't you think

It's not his/her fault if the laptop was stolen. There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't offer help, reputible site or not.

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Sure there is

by IC-IT In reply to Regardless..

1. If someone assisted him, then the knowledge is here for all (including thieves).
2. If folks continue to buy from thieves, then they will have a market and keep stealing these types of items.
3. Do I really need to say more, or are you getting the picture?

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The gap

by JamesRL In reply to Sure there is

Some people just don't get it. You and I and others here may, but so many don't.

You post something on the internet, and it gets put into the vast maw of search engines and it is then publiclly avilable.

So, let's do the hypothetical.

Someone steals a laptop. They open up Google, type in the model and password crack and voila - they find a Tech republic page with all kinds of information. They can then more easily sell the stolen laptop. So they steal other laptops. Repeat as required.

I'm not suggesting that theives won't find other sources of information that will help them, but I would rather not help them in any way shape or form.

But some people just don't get it.

And if you trust a first time poster to techRepublic well, then you are just too naive. Try googling "social engineering" for fun then.


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Look - I get it. I just don't agree.

by NearFatalFall In reply to The gap

Point: You don't want to help someone who is selling a stolen laptop.

Counter-point: You don't know that they stole it. They didn't come to you specifically for help. They came to TechRepublic. Don't want to help them? Fine. Someone else somewhere else will, and you can still sleep at night.

Point: That information would aid THIEVES! OMG!

Counter-Point: Wow. Nice "social engineering" story. Why don't you try searching "laptops" on eBay and see how many come up in the search results, for fun. You seriously gonna say that not one of those laptops are going to be shipped with a password that an end-user doesn't know how to remove?

I'm not saying your wrong, and maybe the laptop is stolen; I'm saying there's no way to know if you're right. And, assuming everyone on here is out to get your "top-secret" information that is readily available to anyone on the net, I might stay up tonight wondering how much sleep you actually -do- get, you little worry wart, you.


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How many minutes have you been on this site?

by JamesRL In reply to The gap

Have you watched the endless stream of requests for hacks here? I have, for years.

Some are subtle, some aren't.

Do you believe used car salesmen? I would tell you you should believe them more than you do an anonymous posting on the internet, especially when they sign up for techrepublic the same day they post.

At least with a used car salesmen there are consumer laws, they have a bricks and mortar place of business and you can appeal to their management.

You suggest I have no way of knowing its stolen, I say you have no way of knowing its not.

I'm just not going to make it an easier, I know they can find the information if they really try.


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2 NearFatalFlaw:

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The gap

Cliche though it is: It is always best to err on the side of caution.

Cliches are still around for a reason.

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