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Cabbige hill revisited

By firewalker380 ·
Ok so i was doing a search on hrer to see what was out ther about my hill, lol. I call it that because i ran with the C&C chain up crew on that mountan for 7 years. after 7 years of helping the travlers chain up fomr the big trucks that dont wnat to di it them selves to the wonderful ppl who thin "gee dad pout his on the back tires so what it itsa front drive honda dad knows everthing" types i saw alot of mangled metal on that mountan. every thing form the basic oops slid of the road to the more intence 34 car pile ups. We were first on scene to alot of accidents there. ill tell ya the road is bad enough but i can honestly say a good 80% of the accidents involving big rigs were caused by passenger cars and suvs cutting them off on a down hill strech then losing control in fornt of them. and the realy kicker is the big rig driver almost always got the blame. ya it happens in the summer time too but some ppl just dont under stand, 4 wheel drive is not a licence to be stupid. sure it will help you go when the road is slick but your not going to stop any faster then any other car or truck out there. Personaly i have a 4WD pick up and i have made many a trip across Ladd Canyoun and Cabbige Hill and when the white flys you wont see me doing 65 or even 50. i keep it at about 35 - 40, no need to be in a hurry. any way ya the hill has a bad reputation but 90% of that reputation is because of careless passenger car drivers not big rigs.

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I couldn't agree more

by maxwell edison In reply to Cabbige hill revisited

And you said it so well!

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I have to agree with max.

by Mickster269 In reply to I couldn't agree more

But I entirely disagree with the first post.

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to Cabbige hill revisited
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Spell check broken

by eddybauer1 In reply to Cabbige hill revisited

Does anybody use spell check anymore, and what does this topic have to do with anything tech related?

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