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    cable speed is slow


    by ilya559 ·

    I have optimum online cable service and when i test the speed, it is somewhere about 3 mbps (3000 kbps). however when i download stuff, the usual speed is about 100 kbps, few days ago me and my friend who lives on the SAME BLOCK tried to download the same file, my speed was 130 kbps, his was 560 kbps (he also have optimum online), now he told me that the speed is so little because i messed it up. Could it be possible? Can I unmess it back, so the download speed would be higher?


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      by thechas ·

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      Cable internet speeds are somewhat dependant on how many users are on the same trunk line from the cable company.

      Your speed can vary form hour to hour.

      Also, if you both downloaded the file from the same server at the same web site, the download speed could well have been limited by the site you were downloading from, and not your connection.

      Unless you changed some of the settings for the cable modem or the network connection between the computer and the modem, you did nothing that could impact either of your speeds.

      If in doubt, check the user support page at the ISP, and verify that your network settings match what they recommend.

      If either of you are using routers to share the cable connection between other computers at your homes, the settings on your computer should be what is required to use the router. The router should be set up for the required settings for the ISP.


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      by abarnes70 ·

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      Try the following sites, which not only test your speed, but some recommend changes you can make to your configuration to improve performance.

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      by cptomlly ·

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      You could also have a problem with your cabling. Do you have multiple cable outlets within your home? Are you using “splitters” on the cable? If you are using old coaxial cable, or splitters with under 1000 MHz rating, you could experience problems. Keep in mind that typically your home has only one external coax lead coming into the building, and then splits out the cable to the various outlets. If any of the coax between you and the is under RG-58, then it should be replaced. Also verify that any/all splitters between you and the external feed have 1000 MHz capacity.

      This information is coming from the tech who repaired my cable service last time, so your best bet might be to have a your service provider make a visit (make sure they aren’t going to charge you for it first though!)

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