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Call out those fellow Linux lovers!

By dhuffine ·
Ok by now i'm sure the people of TR have discovered that I love to start Discussions I'm a very talkative type of person, AND, I came in an hour early today to do some Warcraft playing before it was time to start working, just to discover that I've left my laptop at home and can't play warcraft So now you all are stuck with 100% of my attention for the next 2 hours.
I did some scanning with the search through the forums about Linux conversations where gaming was concerned, and every one of those forums turned into XP vs Vista, vs Machintos convo's, im still scanning them, but until that I figured I'd start a new discussion since some of those are just 3-4 hundred pages long lol.

Any how.. here's my question.

I'm looking for a Distro of Linux that that has a good Gui, is easy to setup, and the 3D Accerlation is not hard to get working. I need a distrabution that will work with both World of Warcraft, AND Call of Duty 4 :)

My computer has a RAM problem, but it only happens in Windows, I had SUSI Linux installed for several months on a partitan and it never crashed once, Windows crashes twice a week on me and Vista crashes twice a day because of this RAM problem. The problem I had with Linux was I have an Nvidia 7600 256 ram card, and the 3D acceleration would not start up for the life of me.

So lets discuss what are the best Linux OS's for gaming?

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Sad, but true.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Call out those fellow Lin ...

"every one of those forums turned into XP vs Vista, vs Machintos convo's"

Yeah, that's kind of discouraging. You can find a couple of discussions that remain on a reasonable, intelligent level, but most of them quickly deteriorate into p!ss!ing contests.

If you've got a RAM hardware problem, it won't remain confined to Windows. Look for the free Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool; it will check your RAM for problems. If it doesn't find anything wrong, it's probably your page swap file. That would also explain why the problem is limited to Windows, since another OS wouldn't use the same swap file. Try turning your virtual memory off, rebooting into Safe Mode, defrag'ing, turning vm back on, and rebooting into Normal Mode.

Not an answer to the question you asked, but hopefully helpful anyway.

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Diagnostic Tool

by dhuffine In reply to Sad, but true.

I actually ran one a few months back after I had tried everythign else, and it give me a few error messages which I did lots of research on and came to all but dead ends, finally after talking to a fellow IT friend they seem to feel strongly that my "Memory Controller" on my motherboard is going bad. When I asked him why it crashes in Windows XP/Vista but not in Linux the only thing he could come up with is the method in which the different OS's access the memory.

He said that Vista, grabs 75-80% of your memeory and holds it all in a critical usage state, where as XP only holds 25%, so it because of that it would happen 3 times as more with Vista than with XP (which is the case most of the time), because Vista is accessing the memory more oftenly.

Where as with Linux, it only accesses what memory it needs when it needs it, so if the point of crash is once i hit a certain peek of memory usage or a certian percentage, unless I'm running a pretty heavy load on Linux, it will probably never hit that point.

Now I'm not very familiar with that type of Memory knowledge so I took it for what it was worth and closed the case.

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First off...

by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to Call out those fellow Lin ...

Get some new RAM.

Don't assume it's OK because you're not having any problems with it on other OS distributions.

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New Ram

by dhuffine In reply to First off...

I have tried litterly 12 different Ram Sticks already.. When I put less ram in it happens more often. If I have 512 or less the crashes will happen back to back in vista, and maybe once an hour or so depending on what im doing with XP, even if I only have 126 megs of ram in Linux I don't crash once.

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MoBo Issue?

by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to New Ram
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by deity_chooch In reply to Call out those fellow Lin ...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think that you're going to have much luck finding a <acronym title="GNU is Not Unix">GNU</acronym>/Linux distribution that will play those games. When people talk the new/best/fastest/prettiest games, they're talking Windows systems. Sure, <acronym title="GNU is Not Unix">GNU</acronym>/Linux is getting more attention and there are some good games for it (I believe Doom 3 is the latest game available for <acronym title="GNU is Not Unix">GNU</acronym>/Linux), but I think you'll find most of the games that you want to play will not run well, if at all.

P.S. Some searching on the Internet suggests that WoW can be played with wine (although the post suggests it takes a fair amount of toiling), but I have yet to find any information for a Call of Duty 4 game working on a <acronym title="GNU is Not Unix">GNU</acronym>/Linux system. Also, it shouldn't matter which distribution you choose, although if you're new to the <acronym title="GNU is Not Unix">GNU</acronym>/Linux world, you might give Ubuntu a try: I've heard several good things about it.

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by dhuffine In reply to SOL

I have actually gotten WoW to work on Susi Linux 10 a few months back, yes it took a good bit of work but I found it easier to do with Crossfire or Crossover (?) than with Wine, whichever, the problme I had was Susi made it extermely hard to get 3d Accerlation started and WoW will only run at .01 frames per second without 3d Accerlation.

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It's only noon

by Tig2 In reply to Call out those fellow Lin ...

And you want me to think???

Wine, Crossover, Cedega. Virtual Machine.

Can I go back to bed please? Or get more coffee???

I liked you. But then you made my brain hurt. You should email me chocolate now.

Its a menopause thing...

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to It's only noon

"It's a menopause thing..."

Does that mean you didn't want chocolate before you hit your late 40's, and won't care about it after you've gone through "The Change"?

Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

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Believe it or don't

by Tig2 In reply to What???

I STILL don't care much for chocolate. And I'm not in my late 40s, I'm hardly mid 40.

I seriously doubt that I will care much for chocolate ever.

Sometimes you play the recognizable stereotype card.

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