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Calls from 888-855-8546...

By geekchic ·
Does anyone else get them? I am on the do not call list and have reported this number numerous times. I have at least 3 calls a day, sometimes one every 45 minutes or so. (I can tell by the caller ID.) When I am home and answer, there is no one there!

One time I just held on for about 3 minutes (took a chance there) and finally someone came on the line and asked to speak to my husband. When I told them he was not available, they started into a sales pitch about donating to some charity for children with cancer. First of all, I have nothing against donating to causes that support children...HOWEVER...when I asked the name of the charity all I got was...."you don't want children with cancer to live????????" in a loud screechie voice. At the point, I told her I was not interested and for her to remove the number from their list and never call us back. She responded, you can't ask me that, I ask to speak to your husband and only he can request that.

My husband walked in and I told him it was someone at "the" number and he took the phone and said take us off the your list and don't call back again....and of course, they said something about uncaring people and hung up.

Now, if they are a VALID organization...don't you THINK they would have given me the name of the charity????

I get home today and they have called another 6 times today....anybody else having this problem???

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Not since I told them that I'm a big cancer fan!

by Absolutely In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

Yay cancer! I give to the Big Tobacco Foundation!

Here are some other ways to have fun with these, ahem, businesses:

1. "I don't believe you are who you say you are."

2. The Seinfeld: I'm busy right at the moment, but if you give me your home phone number, I'll be sure to call you back when it's convenient for me.

3. The foreigner: whatever foreign language you know, this is the time to use it. Make sure the only phrases that are decipherable in clumsy English are "auto-redirect" and a description of an appropriate foreign country.

4. Variation on 3: refer to well-known foreign organized crime...on second thought, that's probably who's calling!

5. I'll just need your account and routing numbers so I can make that deposit immediately. When this is met with resistance, you of course reply:

"you don't want children with cancer to live????????" in a loud screechie voice.

After screwing with telemarketers this way, I usually get rid of them by saying things like BBB, National Do Not Call Registry, this is an $11000 phone call. But definitely, screw with them first, you won't regret it!

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Messing with Telemarketers

by BFilmFan In reply to Not since I told them tha ...

I like to answer the telemarketers this way, after ID me as "man of the house":

"Why hello. Yes, I have been expecting your phone call. Are you wearing that black silk thong and those 6" stilleto heels like I asked?

Oh yes, I am sure you hot in those. I can just imagine how hot your rear end looks right now...

Uhhh hello? Hello? Ehrmmmm musta hung up...."

Never ever fails.

Works even better on men.

The ONE time that it was a gay man calling me, he was laughing too hard to sell me anything.

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I like that

by jdclyde In reply to Messing with Telemarketer ...

I like that A LOT!

All I have done is sound real interested and then ask them to hold for a minute.

I then set the phone down and go about my business. I don't come back until about 15 minutes later.

oops! did I forget you? Please hold....

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I imagine that there's...

by DMambo In reply to I like that

some little old lady or handicapped guy or single mom on the other end that is struggling and having a hard time finding a job. I don't waste much time with them, but I try to be polite and ask them to remove me from the list. If, after being polite, they keep jabbering, it's just "OK, thanks, goodbye".

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by BFilmFan In reply to I imagine that there's...

Since I am on the DO NO CALL List, I have absolutely no tolerance for them whatsoever! They would have better luck calling and saying, "I don't know you, but I hate this telemarketing job. Do you know any recruiters?"

I would be more than willing to assist them.

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Telemarketers are con-men and snake-oil sales men

by jdclyde In reply to I imagine that there's...

Telemarketers are con-men and snake-oil sales men.

That is not a profession honest hard working people apply for and stay with.

I know the type all too well.

And yes, I am on the DNC list too so they are not only anoying but they are breaking the law.

Someone calls me in my home under this situation, they deserve what they get.

Anyone ever hear "revenge on the telemarketers"? GREAT comedy!

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Too much acid or something?

by Oz_Media In reply to Telemarketers are con-men ...

Telemarketing is a marketing medium, as a whole it is avery good one too.

Unfortunately, many companies have little quality control, represent products or services where the manufactiurer doesn't care/now how they are represented and they hire anyone that can warm a seat.

IN Canada, telemarjeting restrictions and control are far more stringent and monitored than in the USA. For the most part they are legitimate, reasonably polite, and WILL remove you from THEIR list if requested, in fact it is a law that they HAVE to remove you from the list.

BUT, this list is just bought and sold like a ***** anyway. YOu need to register with the CRTC's national DNC list, IF you get further calls, they are subject to steep fines as each and every list MUST be run against the NDNC list befor ebeing run.

I have known a LOT of very professional and VERY honorable telemarketers, they sell to c-level employees in some of Canada's largest coorporations and represent some of the largest corporations too.

As I have personally designed, managed and controlled MANY telemarketing offices, I can see where the bad guys slip through the crack,but they are FAR from representing the industry as a whole.

Most, here, are real people with real jobs, the key in telemarketing is to reduce turnover, thus hiring idiots or people who have no courtesy is not desired and they are quickly released.

The other thing that pisses me off is when people ***** about telemarketers calling them at home. Now if they are calling regarding YOUR phone bill, YOUR insuranc epolicy, YOUR donations etc. Would it be more appropriate for them to call you at work then?

Some people have the mentality that if they want something they will look for it, they don't need someoe calling them for it. Yet from my experience, there are many people who have no idea what's available as an alternative to their current choices and many are exstatic to find there are other choices.

For every 10 people such as yourself who feel it is a BS industry, there are 5 that love what they are offered. To hire enough salesmen to knock 15 doors every six hours and present a package or hire one DECENT telemarketer to do the same in ten minutes is a no brainer for most companies, even the upstanding ones.

The reason we get lower prices is because there are cheaper ways of operating a sales team. If you had ever managed or worked on a sales team, inside OR outside, you would know first hand that this is by dar the best way to promote your business.

If they were paying salaries and car allowances to have a dozen guys drive around all day cold calling, you'd be paying a **** of a lot more for your products.

These blanket ideas that all telemarketing calls are a waste of time and especially the derogatory comments for one of the toughest jobs around are completely unqualified and stupid.

When people take YOUR attitude towards telemarketers, they are the ones responsible for telemarketers who have had enough and begin to get rude. They don't start out that way though, ignorant customers do that for them.

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the problem with that

by Jaqui In reply to Too much acid or somethin ...

crtc listing, never heard about it.

I've had 4 telemarketing calls, three from same person, for same product.
the third time I told him I'm not interested in getting a mastercard they stopped calling.

the other time was sprint promotion, never called back.

my problem with telemarketers is that I have yet to get a call about anything I'm interested in or care about.

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That's why telemarketing works

by Oz_Media In reply to Too much acid or somethin ...

If thye were paying sales reps to knock doors only to find out they get three sales a day it's not going to work. By calling you, they can have 200 agents easily achieve 2 or 3 sales per hour, at least. It' sthe quick way of filtering out not interested or unqualified prospects.

ALL companies use some form of telemarketing, often it is referred to as a 'customer service' position, but still entails in and out calls to prospects to promote new products, upsell etc.

Though this page includes ammenments to the act it was in place in the late 1980's, teh NDNC list will stop NEW companies from BUYING your number, yet you may still get a few calls from older lists, again though, in Canada they are striictly regulated and requestin gaction of the CRTC results in action being taken.

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web search

by Dr Dij In reply to I imagine that there's...

MOre likely some creepy scam artist. Just hang up, that is not im-polite to these people. You have no obligation to even talk to them much less be polite.

this link shows 3 other phone#s same place, none answer, other's plagued by these

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