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Can everybody Google?

Looking around there are a number of posts requesting information on config guides and what not. Why do these people take the trouble to create the post when a simple Google search (TOP HIT) has the answers they seek?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Can everybody Google?

they (mostly) want us to do the work for them.

They think if they use Google, they'll have to actually read through and apply the information, learning something as they go.

From my POV, we seem to get a lot on here wanting 3 step instructions just to get the job done, without actually learning anything!

Granted, there are (critical/emergency) times when the 3 steps will apply, but mostly they seem to be suffering from "just do it" syndrome.


They can't use their brains to Google, but can join up and create posts. What's with that?

Aside: Would love to know how many accounts have been created on TR specifically for this purpose, used once and then been abandoned.....


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google is friend..

by Shellbot In reply to Can everybody Google?

i hear ya TechMail..

I always try MSDN (if applicable) & Google before i even consider asking someone..generally i find out what i need to know.

People are either lazy OR don't actually have the basic knowledge to implement the answer.

I particularily look down on people who copy code examples, and then when they don't work come running and want it fixed (I'm talking Hello World here..not shell scripting or anything fancy) take a look..and it missing the end ")"..
and these people usually have jobs working in the i don't know..drives me nuts..


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Don't know that I can add much here

by Tig2 In reply to Can everybody Google?

Shell and GG have the long and short of it. I can onnly add that there are folks that do not understand how search engines work- they don't have a sense of what a keyword is so even IF they manage to find, they don't know how to use it effectively.

I'm with GG- it would be interesting to know how many accounts are created for the sole purpose of asking a question (generally with insufficient information to solve the problem) and getting an answer.

Hang around. You can always tell when it's finals time too- I wonder how many term papers I have inadvertantly contributed to!

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