Can I use two SLI video cards independently in order to use a third monitor

By mjwx ·
From what I've read on Nvidia forums yes, but I haven't been able to find the specifics. I'm hoping someone who knows a bit more about hardware than I do can help me out.

OK the scenario, Worker A wants a third monitor but the only way to do this with his current PC is to buy a ridiculously expensive video card (AU$700 for a matrox three head AGP card). The crux of my problem is that Worker A will also be receiving a replacement PC in the next 6 to 12 months which will also be a move to a Core 2/AMD X2 and PCI-E rendering a $700 AGP card useless.

If I buy an SLI system can I run two PCI-E video cards independently. If so could someone fill me in as to how.

Do they need to be the same card (I read on the forums that they could be different Nvidia cards)?

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by Norehca In reply to Can I use two SLI video c ...

I dont see any reason to have a third monitor. I dont even think the current software for both ATI and NVIDIA will support 3 monitors for simultanous display. You may be able to have 2 monitors cloned, and the other as extra workspace or to stretch onto, but i dont beluve you can stretch between all 3 monitors, and if you can i dont think there is a resolution to support it, unless the software allows you to create your own custom resolution.

As to how you do this, i have never herd of having two video cards in one system, and if you do, the OS would have a hard time with it, may not even work. If it does work, i would expect the OS to only use one of them at a time.

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The worker in question is a GIS analyst

by mjwx In reply to Why?

and deals with High resolution satellite imagery on a daily basis.

Lots of niche professions use three monitors such as video editing and GIS/Remote sensing. Three monitors are useful for people who need to view a lot of information at once.

SLI/Crossfire are technologies pioneered to allow two video cards to be used as a single video display.

Also XP (and current video drivers) is quiet capable of handling multiple displays. Three monitors are no different to two or one monitor with the exception that hardware requirements increase. In fact Nvidia make a Quad head video card for a ridiculously expensive sum (starting at AU$1500).

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