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Can someone explain this site to me?

By Mickster269 ·

"Out of the packages,
Genpets have limited mobility. Like dolls, puppies or human babies, they must be looked after and cared for. Upon waking from its dormant state the Genpet will immediatly bond or imprint to your child."

This site scares me.

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Whoa, Mick! This rates a 10 on the weird-meter!

by Tig2 In reply to Can someone explain this ...

It appears to be some strange spin-off of the electronic pets that were so popular a couple of years ago. But if the website is accurate, this is a living life form! Adopting an animal is one thing. This is bizarre and WRONG on so many fronts.

Scares me too! Could it be a prank of some sort?

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Kool.!. B-)

by dawgit In reply to Can someone explain this ...

They found some of my kind. And I had been thinking I was the last :0

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It's part of Bush's Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

by maxwell edison In reply to Can someone explain this ...

Intended to infiltrate homes and identify the political detractors. This is Bush's fault!

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Uh uh!

by OnTheRopes In reply to It's part of Bush's Vast ...

It's Halliburton and Cheney, again. You are right about the purpose tho'.

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oh that is creepy....

by geekchic In reply to Can someone explain this ...

kind of scary and just plain weird.

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Wow! All for only $1200!

by jdclyde In reply to Can someone explain this ...

Each Genpet is robotized so they move and twitch in their packaging. The heart rate monitor shows activity.

A very cool toy! Weird, but cool.

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Creepy as ****

by jmgarvin In reply to Can someone explain this ...

Welcome to the creepiest of creepy!

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The the artist was successful

by JamesRL In reply to Creepy as hell

I think it was meant to ask (but not answer) the question of just how far we should go in genetic engineering.

Whats shocking when you read the article is how some people thinking it was real, banged on the window in protest, and others clamoured to get in to buy commentary?


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I got an excellent EMail from a TR'er about that...

by Mickster269 In reply to The the artist was succes ...

But I'll let them decide if they want to repost it.

What bothered me (besides the sheer creepyness of the idea) was that you could buy them in 1 or 3 year life spans...

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The FIRST thing I thought of

by jdclyde In reply to I got an excellent EMail ...

was "BladeRunner".

"The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long and you have burned so very, very brightly Roy."

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