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    Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?


    by anykey??? ·

    I am a member of a hand full of websites pertaining to my interests,hobbies,and work,I find them to be a very useful tool when looking for info.I particularly enjoy the misc. sections of the forums,because my life is pretty dull anymore and I get enjoyment from reading about other peoples misadventures, life changings events,or what ever cazy thought is going through their head. BUT….

    My question is, why does every thread that strays toward religion or politics explode in to a monster,all of the people involved just seem to bicker back and forth like my kids, that is until the flame war begins and then it becomes a free for all a$$ ripping contest until everyone just gives up.

    I do not proclaim to be religious,I have my beliefs that make sense to me and how I rationalize things.I feel that if your religion makes you happy then so be it.Myself I live my life one way, my great grandmas way.That woman might of been slightly crazy,anyway she was raised hardcore baptist in the south, but all of my memories of her are of her always having an open bottle of strohs within close reach and a dip of snuff in her lip, and I will always rember her explaining religion to me very quickly.
    All she said was, boy all you need to do is look at the 10 commandment as recommendations for lifes problems. follow that and you aren’t doing to bad. she made no mention of church, going to hell for certain things I do, nothin. From that day forward NOTHING else has made more sense to me.

    I am by no means affiliated with any political party, although I have been accused of having an alignment issue that causes me to pull to the right at highway speeds. I trust nothing that the goverment does, period. There are to many people involved in politics for personal grandeur.There is no way our goverment can do ANYTHING efficiently, to much BS because someone might get mad. boo freakin hoo.I think that Washington DC would be a good place to start with a good old fashion scrubbing to clean up the filth, but that is for a different thread.

    I apoligize for the rant but I have some things going on in my life currently that have made me step back and wonder WHY do I even try?

    your input will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your support.

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      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Religion and politics are based on beleifs, not logic. If they were logical than there would be only one political party and one religion.

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        Or no religion at all

        by neilb@uk ·

        In reply to Because

        Sounds good to me…

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        What he said

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Because

        Religion is a set of beliefs. Some people have convinced themselves their beliefs are facts, although they have no evidence to support this conclusion. Conflicts arise when they encounter someone with a different belief system. People who think their beliefs are facts feel compelled to “correct” those with other belief systems. If my beliefs are “facts”, and your beliefs differ, yours must be “wrong”. Indeed, some religons mandate their believers actively share their beliefs with others and try to convince them to change belief systems. This also causes conflicts since it implies one belief system is better than another. Some “believers” cannot accept that religion is based on faith, and that faith doesn’t need facts to support it. That’s the true beauty of religion: unjustified, unsupported faith.

        Politics is based on groups of people who want to achieve similar goals, want to use a specific method to achieve them, and want to allocate resources to achieving them. Unlike religion, political choices are sometimes based on facts. The conflicts arise when other groups have different goals, or different methods, or want to prioritize the allocation of resources differently.

        Okay, the non-believing, not-a-party-member, complete outsider will shut up now.

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          I have personally seen the power of faith…

          by anykey??? ·

          In reply to What he said

          My four year old son does what he calls his superman.He gets as far away from the swing set as possible, runs for all he is worth directly at “his” swing and puts all his faith in his actions,that the swing will slide up his legs as he runs into it and stop at his belly and let him fly like superman.
          The first time he did it I told him to becareful you might get hurt, he says no I won’t, it will work,I ask him how he knows it will work, and he replys ‘cos I just know(BANZAI) look dad I’m flyin 🙂

          As for beliefs I believe that everyone should get in a big pile and just start fu

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        You mean zero religion

        by absolutely ·

        In reply to Because


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      It’s just human nature

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      It seems to me that people are inclined to form two groups, us and them. Then we put everyone that we know of into one of those groups. All of us are good. All of them are bad. Even those few of us that occassionally use our brains are tempted to take the easy way out and adopt this kind of thinking.

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        by jaqui ·

        In reply to It’s just human nature

        what do you mean occasioanlly?
        if they use windows they are evil.
        plain and simple. 😉

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          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to hey

          Now come on I’ve been using Windows for a couple of weeks now mainly because after using Debian Exclusively for months I was forgetting how to use Windows which I didn’t mind in the slightest but as most of my customers use Windows I had to start using it again if only to stay up to date with it and remember what I tried so hard to forget. :^O

          So does that make me truly Evil or only part way Evil? :p

          Col ]:)

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        Two groups of people

        by puppybreath ·

        In reply to It’s just human nature

        Actually, there are only two groups of people: those who believe people can be divided into two groups and those who don’t.

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      I dunno

      by m_a_r_k ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      I agree with you, anykey. I say live and let live. Religion and political beliefs should be personal matters. Doesn’t matter much to me what someone believes or does, as long as it doesn’t impede on my life, liberties and pursuit of happiness. I’m not saying I’m apolitical or apathetic. I vote and support organizations that I believe in, but if someone votes a different way or supports an opposing organization, that’s usually fine with me…as long as that person or organization doesn’t try to force his/her beliefs on me. Sure I’ll criticize and poke fun at all the losers in the world who think differently than me 😉 , but in the end, diversity of beliefs is usually a good thing. For example, I don’t like hockey. Lots of people do, though for the life of me I can’t see why. 😀 I make fun of hockey. That’s all well and good stuff. I’m not trying to make anyone [i]dis[/i]like hockey. I’m a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan. I don’t care if you’re a Philly Eagles or Washington Redskins fan or whatever. Sure, I’ll root for my team to beat the holy hell out of your team, but I’m not going to wanna beat the daylights out of [i]you[/i] just cuz you’re an Eagles fan or cuz your team beat my team. It’s just fun to shoot the old crap around with people who have different opinions.

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        Wait a minute!!!

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to I dunno

        I thought this discussion was about unimportant things like religion and politics. I didn’t know it was about important stuff like FOOTBALL! The Carolina Panthers are right, and all the rest of you are wrong! Bill Parcells eats worms! Finish the roof already!

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          Here in the UK

          by neil higgins ·

          In reply to Wait a minute!!!

          Chelsea,or chelski,as everyone calls them,have a Russians billions to play with,whilst the rest of the league do not.If I were political,I’d close them down because I could,and give all the money to myself,to build an ivory tower.If I was religious,I’d give half to the charity I’d just founded,as a tax break,and invest the rest in oil,and my football team.

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          Important stuff like football

          by m_a_r_k ·

          In reply to Wait a minute!!!

          Actually, anykey SHOULD have mentioned sports along with politics and religion as volatile points of contention amongst mankind.

          aahhh….if you noticed, I only said I didn’t care if you’re an Eagles or Redskins fan. But a Carolina Panther fan is a different matter altogether! haha Hell, the Panthers can’t even figure out what state they call home. Is it North or South Carolina? Big Daddy Bill eats worms? I didn’t know that. Thanks for the inside info. I would make fun of the Panthers’ head coach but I haven’t got a clue who he is. The Panthers are such an insignificant gnat on the NFL landscape. :^O I better stop before I really do piss somebody off.. Hell, there’s nuthin wrong with eatin’ worms, though. Worms are full of protein. Haven’t you ever watched “Fear Factor” or “Survivor”?

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          I’m with you M_A_R_K

          by surflover ·

          In reply to Important stuff like football

          The only real fight I ever witnessed in the workplace was between two cival servants (managers no less) in montgomery ala… It was over an upcoming Auburn/Alabama game… I didn’t overhear how it got started, but about the “OH YEAH!!!” point, all H*&^*^ broke loose… :-O

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        I agree I love to…

        by anykey??? ·

        In reply to I dunno

        shoot the sh!t about my opinions about all sorts of stuff, like who makes the best pickup truck,shaved or unshaved ;),which high powered rifle cartridge is the all around best.

        When the conversation turns political or religious people actually shut off their brains and refuse to look at it rationally,they get mad rant and rave and spout off all kinds of crap.
        then get mad at me when I tell the STFU and thinks about why this does or does not make sense,I am by no means out to convert someone to my way of thinking, I would just like to hear a logical argument as to why, instead of, well because this book says so.Maybe I over think things to much,I don’t know.

        I like to listen to talk radio on my drive home from work but,I hear all these people pinning blame on all these different people for what happened with hurricane Katrina.Nobody seems to realize that there is no single person to blame,just the system in general, a system that is too wrapped up in not stepping on toes, instead of just getting the job done and moving on.

        Maybe Im delusional but we need to learn to fend for ourselves, quit relying on the goverment to protect us from the facts of life,We need to run our lives with our common sense,simply put for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,if you forsee a bad reaction to your action it is probably not a very bright idea.

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          Arguing about insignificant cr*p

          by m_a_r_k ·

          In reply to I agree I love to…

          When I was a teenager, this one really good friend and I used to get into heated arguments about Ford pickups and Chevrolets pickups. And about country music and rock music. We damn near killed each other a few times over that. But we remained good friends. Funny thing is, now I was the Chevy guy. Now I’ll only drive Ford pickups. I get a kick out of telling him I’m a Ford guy these days. But I won’t admit to him that he won our long-ago arguments.

          The talk radio people are the worst as for being opinionated and intractable. I guess they have to lean far to one side. Makes for a great following among that group of listeners. Who wants to listen to someone who likes blue today and orange tomorrow?

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          insignificant cr@p….

          by anykey??? ·

          In reply to Arguing about insignificant cr*p

          the argument of who makes a better pickup is not insignificant, that is one of lifes greatest quandries, ranks right up there with, what is the sound of one hand clapping 🙂

          Yeah I have had those types of arguements with my friends, and those are my favorites, nothing better than coming away from a good debate with a couple of flesh wounds and a little blood escaping from the inside of your body.

          as for talk radio It is not so much the hosts I know they take a hardcore stance to make the show interesting, I talking about joe schmo caller that has the blinders on so tight you couldn’t pry them off with dynamite.You knowthe one that absolutely refuse to admit that the host might be in even the tiniest way on to something.

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          Reply To: Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

          by dc guy ·

          In reply to I agree I love to…

          You’re a libertarian, my friend. Check out the movement and/or the party.

          People who just want power always have an advantage over people who want to do the right thing when competing for leadership positions. The people who want power are not held back by any scruples or sense of fair play, all they care about is getting to the top.

          Therefore, the larger the organization or community and the more levels of leadership there are to work up through by competition, the more likely it is that the people who reach the top are the ones who care about nothing except perpetuating their own power.

          This is as good an explanation as any for why “That government governs best which governs least.”

          The current U.S. government long ago transcended its constitutional limits and turned the Constitution into a quaint relic from a naive era, in order to become an arena of ever-increasing power for power-mad people to fight over.

          Whether or not there are some things that government can actually do better for us than we can do for ourselves is no longer a meaningful question. With every passing year the government does less for us and dissipates a larger share of the resources it confiscates from us on the salaries of bureaucrats who produce nothing and on favors to its biggest contributors.

          Just look at the inefficiency of the welfare sector as a representative microcosm. More than ten years ago I saw the statistic that if all the money the government collected for the purpose of helping the poor were simply divided up and just handed over directly to the poor, every poor family would suddenly have an annual income of $40K. How large do you suppose that figure is today?

          And people actually complain that outfits like the Red Cross, United Way, and Salvation Army take too big a cut of their receipts for administrative expenses!

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          by anykey??? ·

          In reply to Reply To: Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

          huh, never made the connection.

          I will say that I am going to give this a looksy to see what they are all about.

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          Just be glad you’re not in the UK

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to I agree I love to…

          Over there they beat the living CR#P out of you if your football team wins and theirs doesn’t. :p

          They have mini wars over something as insignificant as the outcome of a football match and they play real Football instead of that junk that is played in the US that can take days to finish a game instead of the regulation 80 minutes allowed for the Real Football Games. :^O

          Col ]:)

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          by neil higgins ·

          In reply to Just be glad you’re not in the UK

          I sometimes go and watch the Blues vs the Villa football matches.Three seasons ago,when they played each other in the premiership league for the first time in years,fans attacked players on the field,they rioted in the stands,and one player headbutted another after a minor disagreement,and attacked tv camera crews after being sent off.The two teams play each other in two weeks.I fear the worst.Mind you,when the England national team play in the world cup in Germany,next summer,I dread to think what will happen.And to think,we are a soft easy going nation.Not…

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          Days to finish?

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Just be glad you’re not in the UK

          This from a country that gave us cricket.

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          Hey not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Days to finish?

          Cricket is a Hand Me Down from the Poms. The fact that we Aussies play it so well has nothing at all to do with things except we like to rub the noses of our Pommy Brothers in it because we are better at it then them. :^O

          Of course I can just see the postings now We Won the Ashes this year but honestly after 18 years of not having the actual ashes we didn’t see the need to keep up the pretense. :p

          What’s the good of wining something if it stays in a glass cabinet at Lords? 😉

          Besides it was one of my fellow countrymen who invented One Day Cricket and that got the Pom’s all worked up as well. :p

          Col ]:)

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          I didn’t want to rub it in…

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Hey not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          But – what the hell – I never was known for being nice!

          😀 😀 😀 😀

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          To HAL on Edgbaston test!!!! My responce

          by neil higgins ·

          In reply to I didn’t want to rub it in…

          On the Edgbaston test,you must have cried watching on tele,seeing us poms obliterate your boys 😉 😉 🙂 🙂

          HAL.Just read your reply about my tongue-in-cheek reply on the Edgbaston test.To say that an Aussie selector let the “poms” win,because of the London bombings is a disgrace.I’m sure the families of the 52 dead would love to hear him say that to their faces.The person involved is obviously a moron,and a prize prat!!

        • #3073899

          Well in that case Neil

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to I didn’t want to rub it in…

          The POMs are poor losers. They loose the ashes and don’t give the trophy to the winners. :p :p :p :p :p

          But they where most likely correct in this action as we would likely use the urn as an ash tray. 🙂

          Now if I was the slightest bit interested I might have even watched the 30 second sound bites on the news but I didn’t as it wasn’t worth the effort and I’m honestly not interested. 😉

          But if they where to televise the Isle of Man races or the Goodwill race meets that would be an entirely different story I would be glued to the TV and have the whole thing digitally recorded.

          I don’t know if it was made public in the UK but one of the Aussie Selectors said at a press conference once they returned that the whole team felt sorry for the Pom’s so they allowed them to win so that they had something to feel good about after the London Bombings. He also went on to explain that the constant Bomb Alerts that where used at the places where the Aussie Team was staying was a bit off putting as they held them every hour so the team never got any sleep. :^O

          Col ]:)

      • #3061852

        America’s Team???

        by dbertsche ·

        In reply to I dunno

        And just how in the hell did the Cowboys get to be America’s Team? No one asked me!

        • #3061754

          Hell if I know

          by m_a_r_k ·

          In reply to America’s Team???

          Some smart guy crowned them as “America’s Team” decades ago. To tell the truth, I think it was that marketing genius Tex Schramm, former GM of the Cowboys.

    • #3060907

      the reason

      by apotheon ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Everybody with half a brain is invested in politics, because politics by definition affects everyone personally. Politics lead to legislation and law enforcement, and the law affects our lives, whether through taxation, prohibition, or incarceration.

      Religion becomes a real sticking point in discussion because a lot of people confuse religion with politics: they want to make politics follow religion’s lead, which pisses off anyone that doesn’t subscribe to the same religion (and to a few people who do, but still don’t think that religion should be in charge of politics).

      Ultimately, it’s as simple as this: some people want to impose their will on others, and those others object. Those others might also want to impose their will on everyone else, but differently. There are a few of us that have no such desire, and among us some will sit around and ignore it all until it’s too late, and others among us will noisily disagree with anyone that advocates imposing their will on others. As Heinlein put it, “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”

      Being of the latter division does not mean you can’t resist being controlled and, in a society that relies so heavily on democratic processes as the US does, arguing with random strangers can actually have a positive effect.

      • #3061853

        I feel that religion and politics…

        by anykey??? ·

        In reply to the reason

        should not be mixed, there is no good that can come out of a partisian politician that lets religion help make justification of their actions.

        When it comes to religion, I feel that alot of people are looking for leadership or guidance,and are able to find that through religion, I have no problem with that.
        I am just tired of religion being forced down my throat. 8 trillion different denominations telling me that I’m going to hell because I am a sinner for not believing their way.It has gotten so bad that my 7 year old daughter came home from school crying because the religious kids on the bus told her she was going to hell because she doesn’t go church, how do you explain that to a kid without influencing their opinion for the rest of their life.

        As for political parties I have no use for them,
        I expect to help fund my goverment with part of the money I earn at my job. but I don’t expect to see it WASTED on PORK.I just want to see proper,sensible use of tax dollars is that too much to ask.

        Maybe I allow common sense to cloud my judgement,I dont know, but being in the middle of two different ways of thinking is just not a great place to be alot of the time.

    • #3061875

      religion and politics….

      by gkrew ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      both are very touchy subjects and everyone has an opinion on them. The issue is that most people like to enforce their views on others and thats where the problem is. They are both about what you believe and support but we tend to take things to a different level on boards and forums when it comes to religion and politics. I say just ignore it and let it be. You have your views and opinions but do not get sucked into flame wars about religion or politics. You have better things to do with your time don’t you?

      • #3061846

        touchy, that doesn’t even begin to describe it…

        by anykey??? ·

        In reply to religion and politics….

        On most forums I don’t make a point of getting wrapped up in religion/politics flame wars, I just peek in periodically to see what is the current state of things, and slip back out, no worse for wear.but once in a while I like to drop in some off topic off color humor and haul a$$, kinda makes my day when it gets picked up and torn to shreds.

        Although recently my views have created some tension in my life,I am being looked at by some people pretty close to me,as some kind of uneducated,toothless,inbred,redneck because I opened my mouth and pointed out a couple(several) holes in their argument that they could’nt find a way to patch with out saying, well maybe that is what god intended.

    • #3061810

      Par for the course!

      by pos_techie ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Haven’t you ever heard don’t discuss politics and religion, something about no one wins and everyone gets upset!

    • #3061701

      My vote.

      by raven2 ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      This post will get me in hot water but here it goes.

      Most aboriginal languages had two words for people: one translates to human beings and the other translates to enemy.

      Contention for resources are the cornerstone for all interaction, just watch animals contest territory and food.

      Being “civilized” we have sublimated our urge to pick up a convient thigh bone to brain the local hairless ape that is opposing our “natural” rights. And we now use lawyers or priests to figurtively accomplish the same objective.

      The average psyche is run by Fear and Greed.

      If there is “Intelligent Design” I would like a word with ( ).

    • #3061625

      When you where younger you should have been

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Taught that in Polite Company you never mention Sex, Politics or Religion doing so only makes the discussions degenerate into a free for all where those with differing beliefs will fight for their beliefs until they either die or walk away in disgust.

      Which of course it is their right to do so if you don’t want to see these things happen avoid these threads and if you like to put in your 2 cents worth contribute as sometimes it fun to break the rules and not be polite all the time> :^O

      Col ]:)

    • #3061616

      Here is Life’s answers!

      by curtispnkrtn ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Seeing how perfectly and consistant all things in nature are put together, considering how screwed up it could be by chance atractions of atoms. One must believe that we were created by intelligent design, and that since new spicies of plants and animals are being discovered all the time, creation is still ongoing. One cannot hav a ruler or God and free will, nor can a God that judges good and bad be a creator. Meaning that a creator only creates and instills in all things the intelligence or design specifications to survive this planet.
      We all need to consider that since the coup on our country, that was the JFK assasination. Our government has been tranferring power to private corporations, and now global corporations effectually write our laws through the United Nations. Whatever laws or changes our government asks of us orignates there.And if you do a search of and examine the new world constitution and world peace act number one, you will see our future, and the real politics going on.

      • #3061610

        Well the Designer is doing a pretty poor job of it

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Here is Life’s answers!

        With Birth Defects and serious ongoing illness the Designer wouldn’t last 10 minutes in any design shop that I’ve worked in. As a Mechanical Engineer I was supposed to do it right First Time and not mess it up totally which caused the need to go back to the drawing board and redesign things.

        Actually I think that chance is playing a far greater part in things by the process of “Natural Selection” than any actual intelligence behind things. If there was Intelligence there wouldn’t be all the current crop of Human failures in the way of defective genes that have occurred. We as a race are not attempting to rectify these {Yet} but only in treating the symptoms so that these live longer and possible have a chance to reproduce which in times gone by would never have occurred as Nature through Natural Selection would have allowed these to die out without a second thought.

        Col ]:)

      • #3072180

        Please Elaborate

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Here is Life’s answers!

        Name a single U.S. law written by the U.N. For that matter, name a single non-charitable U.N. action that’s been effective. If global corporations are using the U.N. to write laws, they should have picked a more effective agency.

        An attempt to go to returns a “Page Not Found”. Googling for it returns no results. Googling for worldparliment without the www. and .gov returns only four results. All are on the same site, in what I’m guessing is Arabic or Farsi, and dated in 1977 and ’78. Not exactly the most current source of U.S., U.N., or corporate policies.

    • #3061613

      both imply the subject of morality

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Personal beliefs are an expression of one’s personal philosophy, and people who have one at all have one because we believe that to be important. We believe ourselves to be right, and that being correct about moral issues is important. That is exactly the way it should be. The only thing that I would change in some of my posts is my manners, but never in a way that would imply willingness to compromise.

    • #3061607

      Politics, religion and . . .sex . . . and disobedience!

      by levannah44 ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Apart from not talking to the gypsies in the wood, (as the kids’ song goes) my mother used to say ‘Never talk about politics, religion or sex in polite company’.

      Well, while I never really found out exactly what ‘polite company’ meant, I did find that the three aforementioned topics were the ones most likely to send sparks flying if my mother’s rule was breached.

      There’s been plenty of threads in the miscellaneous forum of TR to start a bushfire — several bushfires, if it comes to that — since most of those I’ve joined in have specifically been about religion (lots of those) and one or two involving politics.

      While I’m not terribly au fe with US politics, I follow Aussie politics, and believe me, it’s grubby. So if US politics is anywhere near the same, then I can equate to it quite well.

      As to sex, no, I haven’t yet seen a thread on sex per se, but I guess there’s a first time for everything! No, I’m not about to start such a thread; I’ll leave that to someone else, but so far, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve found at TR since joining just under a year ago.

      And I daresay if we all want to let off steam after the daily grind, then the best way is to talk about all those ‘forbidden’ topics we weren’t supposed to when we were younger!

      Kids’ Action Song
      My mother said, I never should
      Talk to the gypsies in the wood
      If I did, she would say
      ‘Naughty girl to disobey!’


    • #3072193

      Because of my real goal in life. . . . .

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Truth be known, my real goal in life is to get absolutely every person on the face of the earth to agree with me. Then, and only then, will all things right be in total alignment. And I will not rest until they are.

      I hope this helps with your questions.

      • #3072178

        You’re close

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Because of my real goal in life. . . . .

        You’ve managed to get everyone to disagree with you. Only one to go 🙂

        • #3072163

          OK. That’s pretty funny.

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to You’re close


        • #3072153

          I don’t know about funny, try freakin hilarious

          by anykey??? ·

          In reply to OK. That’s pretty funny.

          I believe if you know anything about max, that statement takes funny to a whole new level.

        • #3072015

          I agree. . . . .

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to OK. That’s pretty funny.

          That IS really funny. In fact, it made me laugh out-loud.

        • #3071864

          Me too.

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to I agree. . . . .

          I didn’t want to ruin the comment by using one of those horrible fad acronyms. I did chuckle audibly though. 😀

        • #3072082

          In that case. . . . .

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to You’re close

          …..all I have to do is disagree with myself, and presto! I have everyone in total agreement with me.

    • #3072159

      These answers are kind of funny.

      by anykey??? ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      A thread about religion and politics and everyone is pretty much in agreement,how the hell does that happen.

      I started this thread just looking for a little insight into a personal matter that erupted from the same topics.

      I am glad to see that I am not crazy, many of you have the same thoughts about this as I do.

      The one thing that I have noticed about religion/political threads on this sight and others, is that it usually involves the same people every time,no matter what the topic was that started it they always end up saying the same exact thing they said in the last religious political thread, and I find that extremely funny. You have a hand full of people hell bent on changing someones mind all arguing with each other and there is no one around that is even looking to have their mind changed.makes me chuckle just thinking about it

      • #3072142

        These answers are not funny!!!

        by absolutely ·

        In reply to These answers are kind of funny.

        I’m just trying to continue the trend that any discussion of religion/politics must end in vehement disagreement.

        But the point that the same people say the same thing every time and that nobody’s mind ever changes is what struck me as a funny thing to find funny. I pictured the same people posting different opinions every time instead, having totally different ideas about the same subject from one thread to another. Then I pictured somebody posting “I don’t have an opinion” or “you changed my mind” every second post. Chuckle.

        • #3072078

          OK I’ll start the ball rolling since it’s Friday!

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to These answers are not funny!!!

          You’ve changed my mind I now know that there is a GOD who is responsible for Inelegant Design. :^O

          I can see the light now I’m gong to design some light shades to keep it out. :p

          Col ]:)

        • #3072056

          I see it too..

          by anykey??? ·

          In reply to OK I’ll start the ball rolling since it’s Friday!

          nope it gone, wait there it is again, ahh its gone no wait I see it, crap gone again. oh wait it is back,wow that is really bright it is a really beautiful shade of blue I am in total aww.

          Oh wait a minute that is just a machine repair guy using a welder right outside my office 🙂

          Now there is an answer Hal just put on an aluminium foil hat and a welding helmet, that should block the light AND keep them from reading your mind HAHAHAHAHAHA

        • #3072014

          Colin – Do you want me to . . . . . .

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to OK I’ll start the ball rolling since it’s Friday!

          …..pass that mallet back to you?

        • #3073898

          No thanks mate

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Colin – Do you want me to . . . . . .

          I already have 5 people administering Aversion Therapy currently I don’t need any more it’s way to painful. :^O

          Col ]:)

        • #3072063

          OH YES THEY ARE!!!!

          by anykey??? ·

          In reply to These answers are not funny!!!

          What? do you not understand what I am saying, boy I swear if you would just listen to my opinion for 1 freakin second you would understand, but NOOOOOO you just want to sit there in you own little perfect world spewin forth what you feel is the only way, with no regard to whether it makes any sense or not!!!!

          How is that, is my disagreement vehement enough for you.

          I do see you point, if someone would step in and start saying you changed my mind, now you changed it,good idea I am changing my stance,oh look at this idea I love it, no wait a minute this one is good too lets try that,OR

          OK we did it your way,now lets do it mine get up on you knees put your head on the pillow everything is gonna be fine,
          now that would make for some interesting reading 😉

        • #3071961

          As my brother-in-law says,

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to OH YES THEY ARE!!!!

          “I feel strongly both ways.”

    • #3071964

      Granny was right

      by blueknight ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      Hold on to what your grandmother told you. Between the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you), you can’t go wrong.

      Generally, the reason discussions that digress into political and/or religious then turn into flame wars is because people really believe the values they were brought up with are the only right ones. Anyone else’s view seems to be a threat to them, so they feel they have to defend their views. Just look at what religous fanaticism has done to the Middle East… that makes flame wars look tame by comparison. It really goes deeper than this, but my mind can’t find the right words to convey it better. Hopefully you catch what I’m trying to get at.

      Personally, I thank God for the values instilled in me by my father and as demonstrated by the way he has lead his life. Certainly I have my views on religion and I’m happy to share them and explain the basis with anyone who *asks.* I do not, and will not, discuss it otherwise because, as you have observed on-line, people are the same way face-to-face. Life is too short to argue over such things. I just live it my way, and if I can make a difference in someone’s life in the process, great.

      In dealing with life’s “potholes” all you can do is remember those things grandma taught you and trust your “higher power,” whatever name you call it by, to help you through it all.

      Hang in there, it gets better.

      • #3073895

        And more importantly never forget

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Granny was right

        That, that light you see at the end of the long dark tunnel you are in isn’t the truth but an oncoming train. :^O

        Col ]:)

    • #3070282

      Left and right wing politics

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Can someone please answer my question about politics, and religion?

      I believe there will always be a left and right wing in politics because of a very fundamental human dynamic, namely:

      The survival and success of the individual cannot be separated from the survival and success of the group.

      If the group fails, there will be no context in which the individual can express him/her self.

      If the individual fails however, the group will continue without even noticing the failure of one individual.

      So I think right wing politics is aimed at the success of the individual — free enterprise etc — while left wing politics is aimed at the survival and success of the group.

      Note that in “Atlas Shrugged,” Ayn Rand separated the most creative people from the group. In reality this would no doubt result in the group declining into perhaps chaos or slipping backwards in “evolution.”

      The creative people would have nothing to do but pat each other on the back.

      Although earlier in my life I would probably have qualified for MENSA (the old grey matter is not as sharp as it used to be) I could think of few things less repugnant that joining a group that considers itself an intellectual elite.

      I would much rather join a religion or a political party which had a cross section of people.

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