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Can Windows XP destroy the hard drive?

By PC_Techie, MCP ·
Someone told me that they heard on the news, several weeks ago, that Windows XP has the potential to destroy the hard drive. Has anyone else heard about this?

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Virus Report ???

by TheChas In reply to Can Windows XP destroy th ...

Any program that can access your hard drive can potentially erase all your files. This is what the news reports often refer to as destroying your hard drive.

What I suspect your friend heard was one of many reports of security holes in Windows XP that make it easier for a hacker or virus to delete the files on your drive.

Your best defense, is to:

1. Install Security Updates on a regular basis.

2. Install a good virus scanner, and keep it up to date.

3. Install a 3rd party firewall. The Windows firewall is not very good.


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Do you mean erase of physical damage?

by chris In reply to Can Windows XP destroy th ...

I didn't think you could cause physical damage to mordern HDD's (apart from dropping them etc). I know you could trash the old drives in XT and early AT pc's if you set the number of tracks, heads and cylinders wrong. (Who remembers having the OS,an office suite and games on a 20MB HDD and still have plenty of space to spare?).


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by mrafrohead In reply to Do you mean erase of phys ...

I remember, and I remember when upgrading to a 140M hard drive. That was like getting your hands on a freakin 300G drive nowadays

As for XP - from what I've used of it, I can say that it won't automatically do that. Although at the same time,if I was you, I would stay away from that crappy OS. Use either Win2k or else go with an alternative to Micro$oft, like Linux.


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You brought back memories

by snappylin In reply to Do you mean erase of phys ...

My first computer had 640 ram and a 10MB hard drive and I swear,I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish. Now, I have all the bells and whistles and spend most of my time trying to keep all running smoothly. I also remember paying $399 for a memory strip, 64mb I believe. Thanks for the memories.

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