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Can you buy a judge?

By jdclyde ·
In Michigan it has that appearance.

Wayne Circuit Court Judge Susan D. Borman is the judge that is ruling over the case concerning the striking teachers in Detroit.

There is clear law stating that it is illegal for the public school teachers to go on strike, yet Judge Borman has again delayed ordering the teachers to return to work.

Guess where a lot of the funding came from that got this judge elected to her post? You got it, unions, and specifically, DFT, the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Conflict of interests here anybody?

This judge is there to uphold the laws or strike them down, not ignore them as she chooses because it helps her politically.

Bought justice? You decide.

Oh, if you want to try to distract from the facts of the case by crying about how unfair it is that the poor teachers can't strike, then THAT law should be challenged and struck down if it is a violation of the teachers rights. No where is there room for ignoring laws when it is convenent. I hope she is brought up for review for her clear conflict and resulting handling of the case.

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Teachers can strike?

by NickNielsen In reply to Can you buy a judge?

Not in most of the South, they can't. We were individually contracted. Failure to show for work is a violation of the contract. Bye-bye baby! No problem finding replacements, especially in the district I in which I taught-not the highest-paid in the state, but an excellent reputation.

Now, do I want a teacher in the classroom who is more worried about the paycheck than the students? No. This may be a wash. BTW, what's the strike about? Pay? Benefits? Competency requirements?

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strike is about pay and benifits cuts

by jdclyde In reply to Teachers can strike?

I didn't say the teachers don't have a legitamate gripe, but if they choose to disobay the law, they should not be an exception.

The detroit schools are hurting because people are leaving the districts in droves. The funding is based on enrollment. Because of funding down, they want to cut the pay and benifits of the teachers, who already make less than teachers in other parts of the state BEFORE they take the cuts.

The stupit thing all the way around is even more people are going to leave the district because of the strike, cutting funding more than ever.

This is a losing situation for everyone when they are on strike. The shortfall will be even greater if they don't get the schools going. right now they have other staff babysit the kids in the gyms and such doing nothing all day.

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Well you have to be fairly well off...

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Can you buy a judge?

They aren't cheap you know.

As for the teachers they were stupid to sign a contract that they couldn't strike, and total dumbasses to have a law passed saying the same.
However if they agreed to it, they should stick to it.
Whether they think about their paycheck I'm not bothered, being in charge of my offspring's development when they have n't got enough ethical fibre to be trusted is a way bigger problem.

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It is the same law that prevents doctors from walking out

by jdclyde In reply to Well you have to be fairl ...

or public transit.

If you have made the choice to make a living off of working for the government, there are some things that you have to give up in exchange. this is one of the things.

So while they didn't support the creation of this law, they knew about it when they made that choice to work for the government.

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Being a good socialist, I don't think there's

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to It is the same law that p ...

ever a good reason from being legally barred from withdrawing your labour.

As a good socialist though I think there are situations where communal responsibility should always override personal concerns. After all you can always change careers to something less critical.

Get a good few doing that and someone will have to get off their *** and address the problems instead of relying on a legislative whip to keep you in line.

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Doctors and Nurses

by Tig2 In reply to It is the same law that p ...

DON'T work for the government. They are simply prohibited from walking out. They do not belong to unions. They are prohibited based on "perceived need".

In addition, they are subject to government regulation and are required to carry insurance in order to maintain licensure. They can be sued by anyone at any time for anything- even issues the patient brings on themselves- and can be held liable for the actions of others beyond their control.

In the event of disaster, they must show up at their primary place of practise and may not leave until the emergency is over. They do not get paid for 24/7 coverage but must provide it. Doctors may bill for their time and expertise. Nurses may not. They may bill at an hourly rate within limits.

They can be sued for refusing to provide service but can be sued if they provide service.

I don't teach anymore. I am no longer a nurse. That is why.

It cost me more than I made to stay in practice. I paid for my malpractise insurance, I paid for my equipment, I paid for my uniforms. By the time I was finished paying, I had no income.

That's a profession designed to attract people, huh?

I NEVER worked as a nurse or teacher for the government. When I did work for the government, I was given full disclosure regarding the rules. I did not receive the same consideration while in nursing school.

While I know the situation is tough, I must say that I would not choose to teach in Detroit. Do your kids deserve less education because teachers are leaving in droves? NO. But Detroit has issues that need to be resolved in order to attract talent back to schools.

To your initial question- is there a conflict of interest? In my opinion, the judge should have recused herself in this. But forcing the teachers into the classroom at reduced pay and benefits isn't the answer either. Those teachers may just choose to pack it in. And the government can't force someone to continue a profession that they no longer wish to continue.

I know a lot of former teachers. I know a lot of former nurses. I know why they chose to pursue alternative professions.

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Agreed, in part

by jdclyde In reply to Doctors and Nurses

I would say that the judge should order them back to work, but the school system should be FORCED to keep them at the same level as their last contract until an agreement can be reached.

I don't mean to come across as being against these teachers as they ARE getting a raw deal.

The kids are getting a worse deal.

The judge should not be allowed to pick and choose which laws she wants to enforce, based on who donates money to her. Buying justice always undermines ALL other legal efforts. If you don't enforce this law now, how can you justify enforcing the next law?

Who decides which laws will be enforced and when?

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I agree with you

by Tig2 In reply to Agreed, in part

The judge should have recused herself based on her funding. If her actions come into question, she is going to have a tough time validating her actions- the case should have been passed on to another judge.

That said, I wonder if she thinks she is forestalling other problems? I don't know.

I do agree that law should be enforced regardless. To do less makes the average guy ask himself what other laws are for sale.

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Teachers & Doctors

by onbliss In reply to Doctors and Nurses

Are'nt these two that rank high among the noble professions? By doctors I mean all medical professions. The other profession that might rank among those two would be serving in the military for one's country.

Society sometimes does not give due credit to these professionals. Just my opinion.

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I cant afford to buy one

by mjwx In reply to Can you buy a judge?

But I can rent one.

But this doesnt sound like the judge has been bought. It?s more like the judge wants to make a name for themselves. A reputation for entering politics maybe.

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