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Can you say "Whoops" ?

By Mickster269 ·
Seems like the guys over at Best Buys "Geek Squad" have been cutting corners:,2933,1**593,00.html

"AUSTIN, Texas ? A Texas software company sued Best Buy Co. Inc. (BBY) in federal court on Tuesday, alleging that the nation's largest consumer electronics retailer was using unlicensed versions of its diagnostic equipment."

I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding.

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by jdclyde In reply to Can you say "Whoops" ?

These dorks are doing more harm to the image of techs than anything else I have seen in a long time. It is no wonder it is harder for people to find a good paying tech job and to keep the jobs local. We are obviously all a bunch of dorks with no life, and do it because we love it and living in our mothers basements we don't need as much money as real people do!


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I have seen this

by zlitocook In reply to Can you say "Whoops" ?

In many places, Geek squad has been in the news a few times so everyone starts with them. But here in St Louis we also have Geeks for hire, and a number of others in the phone book.
I was a contractor for a long time and it is considered ok between contractors and the company that contract's them out to use non-paid for software. They would ask at job placement what you know and what you can do for the company that will use you. If you say that you have a long list of programs that you use and if you use any utilities that you may have to do your job, they love it.
The companies that you contract to never seem to mind that you are using (pirated software) or just ignore it. Because it gets the job done.
I did this for a time but with my consence and other influences I now buy my programs and only share free ware.
Geeksquad is ok for the general public but I would not recommend any one to use them! Thier motto is if you can not fix it reload.

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their motto

by jdclyde In reply to I have seen this

In many cases of infections, it is better to wipe and load than to try to plug the holes in the now swiss cheese system they have.

Sure, you can get the infections out, but you often end up with an unstable system.

Not to mention, it often takes less time to back up the data, wipe, load , restore, than it does to clean multiple infections.

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Employers to provide

by mjd420nova In reply to Can you say "Whoops" ?

My previous employers were supposed to provide
the diagnostic software that was to be used
on the customers equipment. In the early days,
the MFGR provided diags that applied to that
line of machines, for the field tech, this
meant acquiring these programs and carring them
with you to the site as you never knew what
the customer had until you took the cover off.
No programs that I know of will work on every
machine. No third party can provide support
of all the types and configurations that exist.
I always try to work with the manufacturer
and the software they loaded before shipping.

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