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Canada's #1 living Canadian

By Oz_Media ·
Voted Canada's #1 living Canadian (1.2 million voters of 10 choices) and the 5th greatest Canadian of all time, he has a new movie out.

David Suzuki, 3rd generation Japanese-Canadian and 75 year old father of Severn Suzuki (known as the little girl who spoke out at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro), internationally famous for his insightful and informative TV Specials, his environmental work, his scientific feats and the ever loved 'Nature of Things' (many episodes available now on YouTube,used to be staple TV for many Canadians) is now profiled in the movie: Force of Nature. It is opening at the Toronto Film Festival next week and will be in theatres shortly after.

For those who aren't familiar with Suzuki, this movie is not to be confused with the unsupportable babbling of the likes of AlGore etc. This is a man who left his field of scientific study because he found that he was expected to cow-tow to two sides in order to retain funding and decided to retain his integrity as a scientist and ignore the government cash influx that biased his impartial and truly scientific stand.

Suzuki is a realist, not a fear monger. He speaks of facts, truth, findings and arrives at conclusions and predictions without bias or financial gain. His non-profit society has become one of the most recognized and important environmental preservation funds in Western, if not all of, Canada.

He has saved species from extinction, forests from over logging, plants and animals alike.

Whether you are for or against global warming, love to look at bears or catch fish, Suzuki's insight and knowledge is truly second to none and makes for very entertaining and informative viewing.

The movie isn't just about GW/CC, saving the planet etc. though. It will chronicle his life from being a young boy in Canadian WWII internment camps , where his family was one of many thousands which were removed from their homes and sent to the camps to live(after the bombing of Pearl Harbor) One such camp is the site of Vancouver's annual PNE fair today. It travels through his life of science, TV Production, Environmentalism, etc and includes his more recent views as a grandfather who sees the real issues we are facing, without the sensational views of those charged with scaring and taxing the world into compliance.

"Suzuki dismisses all the awards and recognition in his own life, his numerous honorary degrees and international accolades. His voice reverberates clearly through the phone line, asserting repeatedly it is family that matters the most; it is what we leave to our children and grandchildren that will truly measure a man's success. "

This is a movie for everyone, young or old and will certainly open a lot of eyes and offer a real education to all viewers.

Keep your eyes peeled, Force of Nature - The David Suzuki Movie is coming soon to a theatre near you. (if not, just download it when it comes out! )

I'll actually buy a ticket and see this one, if I can remember where the theatres are. $1 from each ticket will go toward a charity, not his own (nonprofit)'Suzuki Foundation', but to help preserve some of the planet's natural animal habitats.

Do yourself a favour, educate yourself and enjoy a most interesting life story.


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oh oh

by PurpleSkys In reply to Canada's #1 living Canadi ...

I so love David...i've been watching his shows since i was quite young!! I think he's an incredible environmentalist and scientist :)

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I must be hard for him though

by Oz_Media In reply to oh oh

In Canada he has become a household name, but I'm afraid that somewhere like the US he would be seen as another GW crackpot due to how jaded people have become with all the radical BS they face from scientists with an agenda there.

Can't really blame people like Max, he see through a lot of media BS and they are stifled with it, it must make it hard to see the forest through all the trees.

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Coolness. I love David Suzuki.

by seanferd In reply to Canada's #1 living Canadi ...

Not in a way to which his woman would object, but that dude rocks. Sharp as a tack, by cracky!

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I'm proud to have met him a couple of times.

by Oz_Media In reply to Coolness. I love David Su ...

Not that he would remember me or anything but I've been to a few local lectures at UBC and had the privilege of shaking his hand on a few occasions now. I always buy my Christmas cards by donating to the Suzuki foundation, they have really nice pictures for Christmas.

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I'll be looking for it

by AV . In reply to Canada's #1 living Canadi ...

I didn't see Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth", but I will look for this movie and the Nature of Things on You Tube. Thanks, Oz.


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Yes Oz, I will give him a vote

by Michael Jay In reply to Canada's #1 living Canadi ...

He is cool, and a lot of fun to watch.

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I just find him fascinating

by Oz_Media In reply to Yes Oz, I will give him a ...

He could be reading the weather and it would be interesting and educational. His delivery is impeccable.

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you missed a credit for him though Oz.

by Jaqui In reply to Canada's #1 living Canadi ...

even during the filming of the "Beachcombers" series in Gibson's Landing David Suzuki influenced the series into promoting environmental awareness.

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That's true too

by Oz_Media In reply to you missed a credit for h ...

I remember him being interviewed about that.

Funny enough, I was just as Molly's reach yesterday afternoon for a Relic Burger and some of their home made bumbleberry pie. I spend a lot of time up the coast so I frequent Molly's, but I've dropped the $50 ferry fare just to go for a burger and pie and hang out in Gibsons for a few hours.

I've been a huge Beachcombers fan so so many years, as a cub scout we used to go to Byng just up the road from there so I became glued to the Beachcombers. They still play it on one of the digital cable channels sometimes, I forget which one because I have all the seasons on my big storage hard drive.

They eventually did get rid of Relic's jetboat but it used to sit by 'Nick's' Persephonie" in the harbour there. The good ole days of the BC coast and one of our first ever TV shows shot here.

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hmm, that makes me wonder though

by Jaqui In reply to That's true too

if David Suzuki had anything to do with the OTHER CBC series that promoted environmental awareness that was current to the Beachcombers, "Rainbow Country"

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