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Canadian Beer takes a steep dive!

By Oz_Media ·
Well now I've seen it all.
Molson Breweries has released Molson Kick
Labatts has released Labatts Shok

Both are small volume, high alcohol beers with that added KICK or SHOK brought on by the use of the guarana shrub, which is CAFFEINE!

Caffeine and beer, Molson has even started making an aluminum BOTTLE (eeeeew) for the trendy appearance of Kick.

MADD is going berserk over the idea. I instantly saw this as a beer targeted at the young IT crowd (caffeine is the closer there) but neither of these beers is SUPPOSED to actually have much of a caffeine effect yet is said to taste sweet for a beer.

So not only have the two shoddiest beer brewers actually bastardized yet another beer, they have destroyed al hope for making a real beer by incorporating an ALUMINUM BOTTLE (soon to be released, currently in glass)!

Personally as a beer drinker myself, cans make beer taste ghastly, sorry for the Coors Light junkies who think cans are the way to go, but that's not really beer.

MADD's lawyer has gone ballistic over the idea of promoting a beer that keeps kids awake and alert to THINK they can drive, which few can on the best of days.

Pretty soon these companies are going to align themselves with the beer companies in the US and start producing pee water in cans that seem to be bottles. When will it all end? When will people finally stand up and say enough's enough.

If you?re too young to enjoy a real brew or haven't developed the taste buds needed to enjoy a decent stout or lager, then go buy a Mountain Dew or a Red Bull and consider yourself a geek. nothing wrong with that, but for the beer makers to target THAT market is just wrong in itself.

Leave the damn beer the way it is supposed to be!

Today I am actually embarrassed to be living in Canada, screw the Liberal issues, they have dropped so much now that if it goes to vote again, they don't have a hope in **** (much as what SHOULD have happened with Bush's second term) but the beer issue is just too much for this guy to handle!

Sick demented losers!

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by Hockeyist In reply to Canadian Beer takes a ste ...

Off course the real reason for the existence of these types of "beers" is so that you can keep some in the fridge for emergencies, such as when you run out of real beer. Sort of like instant coffee, the fact that they are there and the threat in the back of your mind that you may have "just one", should induce you to make that cold late night trip to the bottle-o.

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by CuteElf In reply to eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww ...

I dont like alcohol/beer.

But just thinking of the side effects from this combo makes me sick.

Beer's sposed to relax you and make you sloppysmile :) Caffeine's sposed to wake your A$$ up and get you moving.

If you want less alcohol, drink less beer or a lighter beer. Duh.
Even those beers I wont use for cooking. heh.

oooh know wats good, jack daniels bbq sauce..nnnnnummy


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Somebody @ Molsons has obviously been watching Drew Carey

by sleepin'dawg In reply to yuck
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by Oz_Media In reply to Somebody @ Molsons has ob ...

That's right I remember that now!

I was hired to arrange and conduct several focus groups for Coors a while back and they had toyed with the idea too, people in the various groups (about 300 in all)absutely hated the idea.

The focus was on a new can design and box for coors light though, not really my cup of tea either, but it sure paid a good chunk of change.

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Coors and Molsons are now one merged company.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Ha

Now there's a kick in the head but the stock is hanging in.


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My most sincere condolences

by jck In reply to Coors and Molsons are now ...

To all you Canadians for Coors having contaminated your beer supply.

I'll send Guinness right away.

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To be honest

by JamesRL In reply to My most sincere condolenc ...

Molsons and Labatts make fairly homogenous products anyway. It tastes like they have a few recipes but one master brewmeister. There are a fewe exceptions. Though I prefer something from either to any of the mass market US brew.

The Coors/Molson merger was on paper a merger of equals. Maybe Coors will get some taste added - Molson brewed Coors is better than the US product.


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oh I can believe it.

by jck In reply to My most sincere condolenc ...

The Guinness in Ireland makes the stuff in the states taste like a Czech bitter.

Guinness there was so smooth. I swear to God...I almost tried to set up a tent in the Storehouse

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by Jaqui In reply to My most sincere condolenc ...

labatts makes pilsner beers, molsons makes lagers.
the only difference is brew method.

though lagers tend to be smoother than pilsners.

guinness is a dark stout lager.
which is why it's so smooth in taste.
but the stout makes for a very strong taste.

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by JamesRL In reply to My most sincere condolenc ...

While you are correct that Labatt's biggest product is a Pilsner, and Molson's is a lager, they both make lagers and ales. I've tried much of both's product lines. John Labatts Classic is a nice attempt at a Heineken. But I swear if you do a taste test all of Labatt's Lagers are indistinguishable from each other, and same for Molson.

My larger complaint is that they make their products for a middle of the road taste. Rickard Red was a nice beer before Molson's made it as bland as the rest of their product line.


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