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Canadian Inventions, more than I thought!

By Oz_Media ·
Old Navy had posted the following comment on another thread, to which I decided to do a little digging.
" You Canadians always like to bash The greatest nation that has ever existed on this planet in all of history, because your country has never done anything of any value whatsoever. This country doesn't need the rest of the world for squat. Just work at keeping up with us OK."
At first I thought it was a little arogant but that was expectd in his case, then I decided to do a ilttle digging and found the following list of inventions by Canadians, these are just some but ones that have made a greater impact over time:

5-pin bowling, The Able Walker, Air condirioned Railway coaches, Abdominizer, AC Radio tube, Acetylene, Acetylene Buoy, Agrifoam Crop Cold protector, Analytical Plotter, Andromonon, ANTI-GRAVITY SUIT (Fighter Pilots Flight Suit), Automayic Foghorn, Automatic Machinery Lubricator, Automatic Postal Sorter, BASKETBALL, Bone Marrow Compatibility Testing, BROMINE, Calcium Carbide, Canada Dy Ginger Ale, Chocolate Nut Bar, COMPUTERIZED BRAILLE, Creed telegraph System (converts Morse code into text), Compound Steam Engine, CPR mannequin, ELECTRIC CAR HEATER, ELECTRIC COOKING RANGE, ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB (Invented by Henry Woodward in 1874 and patent was sold to Thomas Edison), ELECTRON MICROSCOPE, ELECTRIC ORGAN, ELECTRIC SREETCAR, FATHOMETER, FILM COLOURIZATION, POLYETHELENE GARBAGE BAGS, GOALIE MASK, GRAMMAPHONE (Co-invented by Bell and Berliner in 1889), GREEN INK, Half0tone engraving, HEART PACEMAKER, HYDROFOIL BOATS (as per USA request to fight submarines ), IMAX MOVIES, Instant Mashed Potatoes, INSULIN, JAVA, JETLINER, Jolly Jumper, Kerosene, Lawn Sprinkler, Light Bulb Beads, McIntosh Apples,Music Synthesizer, NEWSPRINT, ODOMETER, Paint Roller, Plexiglass, Polypump Liquid dispenser (for liquid hand soap), Portable Film Developing System, Potato Digger, Process to extract Helium from Natural Gas, Prosthetic Hand, Quartz Clock, R-Theta Navigation System, RADIO TRANSMITTED VOICE, Railway car brake, ROBERTSON SCREW (You still haven't beaten that one!), Rotary **** Molding Machine (makes plastic bottles), Rotary Railroad Snowplow,, Rubber Shoe Heels, Safety Paint, The Screw style Propeller, Solicon Chip Blood Analyzer, Slick Licker (for cleaning up oil spills), SNOWBLOWER, SNOWMOBILE, STANDARD TIME, Stero-orthography, Superphosphate fertilizer, Synthetic Sucrose, TELEVISION, TELEVISION CAMERA, TELEPHONE, TELEPHONE HANDSET, Tone-to-Pulse converter, TRIVIAL PURSUIT, Tuck-Away-Hande Beer Carton (THE BEST YET!!!), Undersea Telegraph Cable, UV-Degradable plastics, Variable Pitch Aircraft Propellers, WALKIE TAKLIE, WIRELESS RADIO, Wirephoto, ZIPPER!!

I though Edison Invented the lightbulb, apparently he just bought the patent. I didn't realize Canadians had invented such items as The Screw Propeller (used by almost everything nautical), ZIPPER?, Standard Time and the life saving Pace Maker!

Anyone have any others?

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Edison invention

by generalist In reply to Canadian Inventions, more ...

Edison may have improved the light bulb through his research of better materials for the filament. I believe he tested 10,000 materials before finding one that worked well.

It might be interesting to see the details on the Canadian contribution.

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Yes he did

by Oz_Media In reply to Edison invention

A few links from the page go into further detail.
A time-line of light ( also VERY interesting.

Actually a German inventor had discovered the Vaccuum for the lightbulb. The Canadian inventors patented it but couldn't afford to commercialize the invention. The patent was bought by Thomas Edison (he had some big bucks available) and he improved the carbon elemant and increased the vaccuum.

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Aussie: Small country, Big ideas.

by jardinier In reply to Canadian Inventions, more ...

NOTE: This is only a sampling of the better known inventions. Some of these listed relate to particular applications of earlier inventions.

BANKNOTES: Counterfeit-proof
BILLINGS METHOD of Fertility Control.
BLACK BOX. Flight Memory Recorder.
CAPACITANCE: Calculable Standard
LITHIUM CARBONATE: For Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
SHEEP SHEARS: Mechanised

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To avoid misinterpretation ...

by jardinier In reply to Aussie: Small country, Bi ...

a few of the above listed inventions need to be seen in context:

ASPRO and ASPIRIN. Aspirin was first produced and marketed by the German firm Bayer. When this firm's activities were disrupted by World War I, Melbourne-based pharmacist George Nicholas developed a purer form and took over the trade name "Aspirin" in 1**5. The trade name "Aspro" was also registered, and the product went on sale in various countries around the world.

FEATURE FILM. The world's first feature length film, "The Story of the Kelly Gang," was made in Australia and had its first screening in Melbourne in December, 1906. It was an hour in length, at a time when few films elsewhere in the world ran for more than ten minutes. By 1**1, when feature length films began to be produced in other countries, some sixteen had already been produced in Australia [eat ya heart out, Hollywood !]

RADIO TELESCOPE: The 64 metre radio telescope at Parkes was used to relay to the world the video footage of the first manned landing on the moon.

THALIDOMIDE: This drug, a sedative, was used to treat nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy until it was discovered that it could affect the normal growth of the foetus. Sydney doctor William Griffith McBride confirmed the link between the use of the drug and limb deformities in newborn babies. These findings allowed the parents of affected children around the world to claim damages from the pharmaceutical manufactureres who produced thalidomide.

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La la la

by nicholasclayg In reply to Canadian Inventions, more ...

I think those canadians smoke to much LA LA LA if ya know what i mean. Everywar we ever had it was like pulling teeth to get canada to help out. If if wasnt for our *** storming omaha, canadians would most likely be hitlers bitches and not some country with shitty currency. Take that to the bank !!

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La la - Ha ha!

by MStrankay In reply to La la la

Nicholas may need a little refresher on WWII!
On September 9th 1939 Canada declared war on Germany. Canada was at war for two years before the US declared war after the attack on Pearl Harbour on Dec 7th 1941. In the late evening of December 7, 1941, the Canadian Prime Minister, W. L. Mackenzie King, announced the Canadian Cabinet's decision to declare war on Japan. I would not want to diminish the sacrifices made by Americans during their battles against Germany and Japan, however on this remembrance day (November 11th) we should also remember the many Canadian soldiers who fought valiantly and died in the service of their country long before America became involved in the war.

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A mighty small Nation...

by mrbill- In reply to La la - Ha ha!

Though a small country compared to the US, in population, Canada contributed greatly to WWII, they should be proud of their accomplishments. Many brave Canadian sailors died fighting Nazi subs in the North Atlantic. They flew with the RAF in the Battle of Briton, as did some US pilots. They fought in N. Africa, Sicily, Normandy? On November 11 I will remember the Canadians as well as the Brits, Australians, Kiwis? along with the Yanks.

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well Nicholas,

by road-dog In reply to La la la

It looks like you just got your *** handed to you. Please try to crack a history book on occasion, your rant folded in 3/10 of a second under minimal research.

Do you really think that if Hitler were able to conquer Canada that the US would still be here?

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La la la... WRONG!

by mrbill- In reply to La la la

?Everywar we ever had it was like pulling teeth to get canada to help out.? Canada was in WWII before the US was actively involved. The Canadians were there with the US in Korea, and they were with the US in NATO. Canada is an integral part of NORAD.

?If if wasnt for our *** storming omaha? The Canadian 3rd ID landed at Juno and did an outstanding job, ?One Troop of the 1st Hussar tank regiment was thus the only unit of the entire Allied invasion to reach its final objective on D-Day.?

You need to check your facts before you open your mouth.

?It is better to remain quiet and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!?

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Ever think if..

by Oz_Media In reply to La la la

I think that perhaps you need to smoke some "LA LA LA" (what the **** is that?) so that you can form a somewhat logical opinion. Your POST is so uneducated it isn't funny. You show complete ignorance. Your lack of knowledge and your ability to spew complete crap is the epitomy of WHY other nations think American are idiots.

If I was one of YOUR american neighbors, I'd knowck your door and kick your *** daily for being such a clown. Give it up kid, you're a loser and ALWAYS will be with that attitude, get a clue.

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