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Canadian Pride

By ND_IT ·
I just wanted to post a little note here to our Candaian colleagues about how I was impressed with their national pride during the World Junior Hockey Tournament. As most of you hockey buffs know, the tournament was recently held in Grand Forks, ND over the last 10 days or so. It had the best talent in the world for players 20 and under. The US was the defending gold medal champs, and Canda hasn't won the gold since 1997. Now, I am not a big hockey follower, but followed this tournament since it took place in my back yard. The US lost on Sunday to the Russians, who I thought displayed poor sportsmanship by taunting the US and the fans when they scored 3 goals (empty net goals by the way) at the end of the game. I was rooting for Canada to beat the pants of the Russians for this. The reason for this post is because watching the championship game between Canada and Russia, I saw so much Red and White in the stands and Canadian flags flying, it was incredible to see how the citizens of Canada love their hockey. Now, I am not saying the US doesn't have pride in their national team, because it was evident as well, but here in the US, we have so many sports we can choose from. We call baseball our national past time, we invented football, Nascar is getting big. Hockey is big around here where I live, but not as popular with the rest of the country. We have so many choices here. Listening to Wayne Gretsky, who was interviewed on a local radio station yesterday, he basically said Canada is hockey, and everything else is #2, and that was quite evident in the support I saw that the fans that came south to watch a sold out game of 12,000 and with the gold again. Congratulations!

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You didn't invent football!

by neilb@uk In reply to Canadian Pride

Here you go again...

This is *not* US-bashing but just a little request for some veracity. I come from a country that does invent world-wide games and then gets hammered at them all - usually by the Aussies and Kiwis.

You invented "American Football". What everyone else knows as football is a little different and much more widespread.

Baseball and the "World Series". The game is not a joke but the "World Series" title is a little far-fetched.

Nascar? Hmmmmm! The European Nascar circuit is very big!


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by ND_IT In reply to You didn't invent footbal ...

What I was trying to point out is how much pride Canadians have for the sport they invented and Wholeheartedly follow. Here in the US, we have many sports that people follow, as do other countries. In the US, people take more pride in the sports that are played here, more that international sports. That is not to say that we don't have pride in our internation team, but there is more of a following for national sports we play here.

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Sorry, I was just having fun.

by neilb@uk In reply to Discrepancy

I didn't mean to detract from your point. I was just having a bit of a poke. I do think, however, that you ought to get out a little more as a nation. Maybe everyone would love you a little more if you played our games and - maybe - lost a few?

btw I did take 5 out of my last 6 vacations in various parts of the US so *I* like you all - but you don't take much to wind up, though.



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No Problem

by ND_IT In reply to Sorry, I was just having ...

This is true, we have a tendency to get wound up quite a bit on sports, probably too much sometimes. Need to take a step back sometimes and realize, hey it's just a game.

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WE get wound up?

by gralfus In reply to No Problem

Try South America for soccer games. They scream, rampage, and kill fairly regularly. I've seen riots a couple of times here in the USA in large cities, but I've never seen the amount of zealous outpouring that seems common to South American soccer (that's football to you non-USA folks). I think they miss the good ol' days of mass human sacrifice and are trying to make up for it.

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And what games would that be?

by jdclyde In reply to Sorry, I was just having ...

Just curious what games are played there that aren't played in the US?

Lose a few? We like to win to much....

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There are lots of other games

by Skidoggeruk In reply to And what games would that ...

Rugby is played at an international level. As well as local.

As is Cricket. I see that there is going to be a test series with all proceeds going to the Asian crisis.

Of course Football (soccer) is huge. Regarding the "World Series" dig, try and get a European to explain the "Cup" structure. Oh yeah, the US did not too bad last World Cup. Nearly the same level as England.

As far as motorsport, there is F1, which is currently horrendously boring, team with the most money wins. The lower F series, are much more competitive, as this is more of a drivers race, with graduates moving into F1 later in their careers, much more exciting. Touring cars are very good. Think Nascar on road circuits. Again, one manufacturer have locked this up the last few seasons, but this always leaves you rooting for the underdog. Oh yeah, winners are penalised with a weight addition to make it more difficult on the next race. And there is Rallying, which is again a real drivers race. Never mind going round in circles, try a huge ravine on one side of the road and a wall of trees on the other.

Like the guy said "get out some more" or hey you got cable, try some other channels. I remember trying to watch some F1 in the states awhile ago, I did manage to find it. And I would be unsuprised, if you could find any of the other stuff out there. Try the Web?

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the worst racing of all

by Oz_Media In reply to There are lots of other g ...

By far the most BORING racing MUST be the IRL Indy car offshoot. Jesus what a bore. Why not have all the mechanics just mount engines on dynos and see who's blows up or runs out of gas first?

They did it to try and mimick Nascar ovals racing as it is so big in the US, but you can hardly tire rub, bumper nudge and door shimmy in an open wheel CART! What were they thinking?

I enjoyed CART racing until it was defaced by Vancouver every year, just like the friggin' PNE where EVERY year is the supposed LAST year.

With nohing but IRL and Nascar now, I am turnign back to my F1 roots, sure it is a BIG money game but ut's street racing and at least takes a **** of a lot of driver skill coupled with that money influx, (not that NASCAR doesn't but a monkey could drive an IRL circuit if he knew how to listen to the headet.

Back to 1/4 milers for me. Door slammer series in May!!

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to the worst racing of all

You should see if you can get the touring cars. Brillant. the driving is great, road racing with the close quarters of Nascar. Fantastic stuff.

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Yes a nice bunch

by Oz_Media In reply to Sorry, I was just having ...

They are a good bunch for the most part aren't they?

You noticed the instant US defense machanism too huh? It can be amusing, just look at that jdclyde guy go, now that's worth a picture!

I don't remember playing too much cricket in North America, Rugby teams here (Canada) were fun at first but embarrassing after a while.

I had no problem adapting to baseball as I grew up playing rounders, the American football games with 300lb men wearing more padding than a swat team doesn't do much for me, though I do attend most local CFL games to support our locals (most of the football players here will take a bus to the game though and don't get paid the multi-million dollar salaries).

But you need to remember first and foremost. America is the center of the world, anything GOOD in the world is a result of America, anything bad stems from the rest of the world that the US helps out daily without asking for anything in return, we all just line up with our hands out to them.

Fact: Everyone IN the world, wishes they lived in America and could be American (including you), even though it has never been listed as the most desireable place to live. Me, well I am just jealous that I can't live there because i live in Canada and it apparently sucks here, from what I am told.

Other than that, we are all one.

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