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Canadians have aways said Newfies were crazy!

By Oz_Media ·
I just finished watching a documentary on the Mohawk indians from Montreal and the Newfie iron workers (fish) who are the steel hangers, erecting the new towers of the World Trade center. They have all relocated to New York for the project and these guys are the absolute NUTTIEST bunch you have even seen.

You can get an idea of the work from here:

I don't know if it will be reaired on US network TV or maybe local public TV stations but if so, it's a must watch, what a MAD bunch of men!

They are following the footsteps of their fathers/grandfathers who were the hangers for the first WTC complex, one guy lost his father (one of five that died) and is doing it with pride saying that he hope to make it higher than his dad did.

I'm not scared of heights mysef, but no thanks.

If anyone else is aware of any sites that also cover similar stories please post the links, I couldn't find any myself, with a quick search.

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but oz

by Jaqui In reply to Canadians have aways said ...

newfies are crazy..
they live on a rock,
put green goggles on the cows,*
call everyone buddy
and insist on having thier own time zone.

* how else can they get cows to eat the rocks?

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And their time zone is off by 30 minutes

by Montgomery Gator In reply to but oz

Instead of an hour. Now that is goofy!!

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by Jaqui In reply to And their time zone is of ...

as they are only at most 15 minutes est of the mainland time zone.
they can't even tell time right.

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Lots of articles

by JamesRL In reply to Canadians have aways said ...

About Mohawks and steel, thats been going on for over a hundred years.

Similarly, Mohawks on both sides of the border also have a tradition of joing the US Army. Some of these same people come back to the reservation and participate in the Warrior society, a group who advocates radical change, and has been involved in some violent activities (Oka).

Wasn't aware of Newfoundland participation in high steel work - you learn something new.


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In know that part

by Oz_Media In reply to Lots of articles

I know the Mohawks go way back into building and supporting our continent.

I was just fascinated by the newfie steel hangers.

These aren't just steel workers though but the top hangers, no harness (nothing to tie off to) doing the highwire acts hundreds of feet above the ground. While there are many steel hangers in the world, the rivalry between them and the Mohawks is really cool, it's like they are enemies that all respect one another.

But I had no idea they were hanging the new Trade Center towers, nor had done so for the first.

I would be really interested in finding more articles on this, but can't seem to find any mention on US or even NewYork news sites, I was wondering if it is known in the US or if anyone had links to more info.

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Empire State Building and Mohawks

by Montgomery Gator In reply to In know that part

I saw a documentary on the History Channel about the building of the Empire State Building, and they mentioned the Mohawk iron workers, but did not say anything about the Newfies. Does not mean they were not there, though. The documentary said it was a rite of passage among the Mohawks to do iron work on skyscrapers.

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Mohawks and FISH

by Oz_Media In reply to Empire State Building and ...

Fish (the slang for the Newfies)were the steel hangers the first WTC, with the Mohawks from Montreal. I know they both did the World trade center (first one and now the new one) but I haven't heard about their involvement in the Empire State building.

Apparently there is a HUGE rivalry between the two and they trash talk each other any chance they get. But I also got the impression that they both have a great deal of respect for each other, as is usually the case.
I don't know about the Empire State building though.

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by Jessie In reply to Canadians have aways said ...

One of my favorite, wonderful stories of compassion and generosity to come out of the WTC attack is on this page about Delta 15 which was diverted to Newfoundland and the passengers were stranded there for several days.

There's not alot out there about Newfies, but what you do hear about them is always that they're hospitable and generous in the extreme.

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Great story Jessie

by Oz_Media In reply to Newfies...

Definitely a good representation of the folk in the East.

I lived on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia for a little over a year, a mere stones throw from Newfoundland. The people of the maritimes are the brunt of many jokes, in Canada, Newfie jokes are just rehashes of the age old Polish jokes and are meant as friendly banter, not insults.

The people in the maritimes touched me more than any others in my life, as I was a stranger in a strange land at that time.

This story is not one of a kind at all, these people treat EACH OTHER the exact same way everyday. It's a way of life for them, and ANYONE who has ever stepped foot in Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick would happily say the same, truly some of the most inviting and kind hearted people I've ever had the sheer pleasure of meeting.

Thanks again for sharing such a nice story.

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true enough

by Jaqui In reply to Great story Jessie

all the maritime provinces are great people.
and they all have a great sense of humour.

but they are still wierd.

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