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Can't multi-task?

By EMJ65 ·
I have been working with a guy who is a desktop support specialist who cannot multi-task! He gets so stressed out whenever I tell him I'm sending him a ticket, and lets things just pile up in his queue. My boss had warned me about him, and she basically said he could never have more than 20 tickets in his queue at a time. Well, he wouldn't have all these tickets if he would just close the ones we've discussed should be closed, and be able to do more than one task at at time! He's currently waiting for something to copy and is whining about it, instead of doing something else while it copies. It's really frustrating because it's obvious he's been able to do the minimum ever since he got here. I am relatively new, and am supposed to be the manager of the tickets, but am not quite certain how to approach this with him. I feel it's my manager who should be handling this, not me. I am going to be talking to her this week to see what we can do. The other thing about this guy is that he's always piping up and making comments about things that have nothing to do with him. Whenever I am asking one of the other support folks for a status on a ticket, he always makes some snide comment. I wish he would just shut up and concentrate on his own tickets and get them done! Okay, enough of my ranting. Thanks.

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