Can't set a network printer as default.

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I work for a non-profit and I am basically the IT Department in our organization simply because I am the one who knows the most about computers (which isn't a lot) but there is no budget for an IT Department.

We recently upgraded to Windows Vista Business and I am running into an issue where I can't set any network printer as the default printer. I can install the printer fine and I can set the printer as default at installation but once I reboot the computer, the default printer switches to Microsoft XPS Document Writer. When I go to the printers screen, right click on the network printer and click set as default, nothing happens. I can set other local printers like Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and Fax as default but those are useless to me. All our office printers are network printers.

I can delete the network printer, reinstall and set the printer as default during installation but I lose it again once I reboot.

I've also tried deleting Microsoft XPS Document Writer, Microsof Office Document Image Writer and Fax. After deleting them, I still can't set the network printer as the default. When I click print in an application, the default printer is blank so I have to manually go and select the network printer.

If anyone out there can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

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by morecowbell In reply to Can't set a network print ...

Try deleting the printer, then log off. Now change your password before you log in.
CTL + ALT + Delete.
once password is changed and you log in, add a printer. see if that works.

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Sorry but I'm a novice.

by admin In reply to Manager

Thanks for replying.

I'm quite a novice at this. I tried to do what you receommended but I can't seem to find a way to change my password on the login screen. I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and my username comes up asking for a password but I can't see where I can change the password. Windows XP used to have it on there but I can't seem to find it in Vista. Maybe you can let me know how I can do this is Vista.

Thanks again.

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add a printer installation should prompt UAC

by CG IT In reply to Sorry but I'm a novice.

to install the printer drivers. If you didn't get any UAC prompt, your printer probably isn't installed correctly [which should also prompt you with another screen saying as much].

Also Windows File and Printer sharing must be turned on in the NIC properties page,in the exceptions page in the Windows Firewall file and printer sharing is allowed, The network printer your trying to connect to must be shared on the computer it's connected to[if it's not a network device] AND, your computer must belong to the same workgroup and have the proper permissions to access the shared printer [or network printer].

often, offline printers can't be set as default until their online.

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Re: Network printer as default?

Sounds to me that you have some network files missing. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SYSTEM. 1) Loadup Vista and re-boot.
When you see the "install" page look down to the bottom left and you will see the "repair" option, select this and follow the on screen instructions. this will repair/re-install what ever is missing in the os. When attaching a network printer "usb/network cable". Usb printer, go to "add printer" and select the "usb" option for the search, your computer will search and install the drivers.
Network printer, goto "add printer" and select "network" option and then do a search, this should bring up a box for you to select which printer you have and to install, select your printer and than press "enter" this should put on your software, if not please download your printer software from the makers website and put it on your computer(s). You will have to do a search for your network printer in the "add printer" when you have downloaded the software. If you know the "ip" address of your printer, then just add this in the box in the "add printer" section. Why your computer is chucking the printer off your system is new to me. Once you have the "ip" address, your computer should be able to save this.
Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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RE: Can't set network printer as default.

by admin In reply to Re: Network printer as de ...

Thanks a lot for your reply. I really am a novice at this but I can't seem to get my Vista to boot off the CD. I have Windows Vista Business Upgrade and somehow, when I put the CD in the drive, the computer doesn't detect that it's bootable so it just boots from my hard drive (which is the installation that has some network files missing). I've tried messing with the CMOS settings to change the boot sequence and pressing F12 to get to the boot menu but none of it worked.

I tried to just run the setup from the CD but that doesn't give me the repair option on the bottom left.

Do you have any other ideas?

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Bootup with Vista cd/dvd.

When your computer boots up you will see either "F2" OR "F1", these are at the top of your "keyboard", give it a test and see if you can read which one it is, if it passes you by too quickly just press (all at once) "CTRL + ALT + DELETE" on your keyboard (take your time, don't panic too much), this will reboot your system so you can catch which "F" button to press. If you see it give it a quick press and hold it down, your computer should say something like "starting bios or loading bios", when in go to the "boot" section and scroll down until you come to something like "boot from", it will give you a list and one of them will be your "cd/dvd drive" set this to boot first or press the "+" button to bring it to the top of the list but make sure that your hdd is second, sometimes your hdd will be listed like "ST3300HTGB" or something simuler. Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Still can't boot from Vista CD.

by admin In reply to Bootup with Vista cd/dvd.

Thanks again for replying. Somehow, I still can't get it to boot. I did go into setup to change the boot order and have the CD drive be the bootup drive but the computer still says there is no boot device available and then it boots from the hard drive.

What next?

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Re: Still can't boot from Vista CD

If you see this "no boot device", then open your computer to check to see that the cable(s) have not come off the cd/dvd drive. It should be listed in the "boot" devices section in the "bios". Or it could have a little red or yellow flag in the "device manager" section on your computer, if it has then right click on it and select "update software/hardware", it should search for drivers for your device. Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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CD Drive is fine but still doesn't boot

by admin In reply to Re: Still can't boot from ...

Thanks for replying. The CD drive actually works fine because I can read the contents of the CD. Somehow, it just won't boot off the Vista CD.

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CD Drive??

Vista is on a dvd NOT CD, No wonder it would not boot, you will have to put it in your DVD drive. I hope this helps you in your diagnostic of your drive. Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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