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Capitol Crimes

By yobtaf ·
We all know that there is a lot of corruption in Washington. I've
seen figures like there are 60 lobbyist to each congressman and
anytime I see a bill, that makes a lot of sense, die in committee, I
often suspect the influence of special interests.

Lobbying is nothing new. the term goes back at least as far as
1808 and lobbying had reached epidemic heights during the
"guided age". But it seems that it has now gone way beyond that.
The paralysis in congress has more to do the influence of special
interest groups then it does with party politics, though party
politics has become a part of it.

The names of Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay were well known to
me but I really didn't know the specifics of the scandal that
brought them down.

The other night I watched "Capitol Crimes" on "Moyers on
America" and was shocked at what is going on in our
government. And let me tell you it takes a lot to shock me these

I strongly recommend that you watch this program. It doesn't
matter what end of the political spectrum you are on, everybody
except for the participants, is a victim. If you want to know why
the country is in so much trouble, this will answer a lot of your

Here's the link:

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