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Captains log - Oh man that hurts

By DMambo ·
We've seen a lot of posts on weird news stories, but this is one that stands out

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by Old Guy In reply to Captains log - Oh man tha ...

As much as I liked Star Trek I don't think I would want his stone.

Oh, well, at least it helped someone.

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I wonder what they could get...

by jck In reply to Captains log - Oh man tha ...

For a Klingon caught near Uranus... :^O

sorry...old childhood joke.

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Been saying it for years

by BFilmFan In reply to Captains log - Oh man tha ...

The people of the US really should ship Willaim Shatner back to Canada.

If Canada won't take him back, then that should be considered a declaration of war against the US..haha.

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I wonder

by M_a_r_k In reply to Captains log - Oh man tha ...

if he has health insurance through Prudential. Remember their slogan, "Own a piece of the rock". :^O

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In reality

by DMambo In reply to I wonder

It would be "Own a rock of the pees" :^O

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Where's a Klingon when you need one?

by MirrorMirror In reply to Captains log - Oh man tha ...

I can just see it...

Capt. Kirk to Klingon: "I'm...auctioning off my kidney stone."(pauses for dramatic effect)"It really...hurt me to pass it."

Klingon to Capt. Kirk(screaming): "You petaQ! A Klingon would never admit to allowing such a small thing to cause pain!"(now uses a lowered voice)"However, I feel your pain."

OK, OK...I stink at the dialog. I just wanted to put petaQ in a sentence. hehehehe!

I liked Picard much better than Kirk. Let the Trek wars begin!

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by jdclyde In reply to Where's a Klingon when yo ...

now your going to tell me he doesn't wipe well and is selling THAT?

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talk about something to sell...

by jck In reply to Klingon?

If they took the pre-wipe content...that would be selling the Captain's log upon his passing it. :^O


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King Swill

by DMambo In reply to talk about something to s ...

He lives indeed. Although, for that post, you sound more like King Swirl. :)

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or maybe even...

by jck In reply to King Swill

King Squeeze?

or Pinch?

or Grunt?


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