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Car Bombings

By Oz_Media ·
EVRY day we see more and more car bombings killing more and more people in Iraq. Certainly there are also people being shot by indurgent, raodside bombs and even suicide bombers.

One thing I thought last night when seeing how more people had died in a car bombing, WHY are there cars driving around in downtown Iraq?

Why haven't they COMPLETELY blocked off the city center and controlled who enters the city in a car and who doesn't?

Not in the sense of border patrols but just NO CARS IN DOWNTOWN BAGHDAD. People can walk, ride bicycles or roller skates or whatever but NO cars.

They even do this in downtown Vancouver on major event nights, Grey Cup, Stanley Cup , Fireworks etc. It is SHUT DOWN.

I haven't studied a street map of downtown Baghdad yet but I am sure it would at least reduce car bombings by removing a tool. Local deliveries etc. can be authorized at checkpoints right before entering the city, dogs can sniff bombs in a controlled envionment. It also reduces the amount of 'general' traffic that would go unnoticed.

Yss, it will inconvenience Iraqi's, they are also in the middle of a war which I am sure is a BIT of an inconvenience in iteself. I considered the freedom issue, this may be seen as removing freedoms, but they don't HAVE any freedoms YET, they are occupied by another country's military.

So I wonder why they would allow public trafic near police recruiting centers, government buildings etc.

I think they are trying to impose on them as little as possible but this is just allowing too much freedom of movement and leading to more lives lost. Just like protecting the president, they have to realize reedom of movement needs to be controlled.

Shut down traffic in downtown Baghdad, get rid of the cars, get rid of the car bombs.

I understand that there are issues elsewhere and cars in the middle east can't be stopped all together, but in key areas where attacks have ben continuous and constant, shut down th roads, regulate and control exactly who drives where and when, for what reason etc.

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by gralfus In reply to Car Bombings

I've been wondering exactly the same thing for a few weeks. They may still strap explosives to their own bodies, but the damage will be less overall.

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What about the Country borders??

by G.Brown In reply to Yeah

I don't know what the local Iraqis would feel about that??

Maybe it would have an undesirable effect and turn more Iraqis against the coalition.

I think that the plan for after the war was/is abismal.

There has been so much talk recently of outsiders causing some of the problems in Iraq.

How has this been possible?

Did we not secure the borders? Are they secured now?

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Because people like you will complain if that was done.

by Garion11 In reply to Car Bombings
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That's clever

by Oz_Media In reply to Because people like you w ...

A brilliant little deuction based on the fact that I think Bush should be shot and pissed on for his term in office. Very witty squire!

The why's and what for's are a thing of the past.
Now the focus needs to be on the how's and figuring out HOW to resolve the issues.

Other than removing Bush, to get some intellignce into office though;

But to keep reverting back to your feelings that I hate anything American is clever and keeps you in your narrow minded little place. Very witty.

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by Garion11 In reply to That's clever

Just to clear something up

"But to keep reverting back to your feelings that I hate anything American ..."

NO, its not my feeling or wishy thinking, its a fact. For every pro American post you are the first one to reply to that person and twist the truth and fact to match your ideology. How do you think people should take it? It is interesting however I never said you hate everything American and yet you assumed it so, are you admitting the truth to yourself Oz? OMG, what is the world coming to?

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Double post

by Oz_Media In reply to hehe
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That's what MANY republicans say

by Oz_Media In reply to hehe

I never hear democrats saying I am Anti-American or hate Americans. ALL Republicans say this as soon as ou disagree with them, ALL REPUBLICANS.

It's almost like they were brainwashed, "you are either with us or against us". What kind of a complete fool would utter such garbage in front of the world, his allies and supporters in other countries? What an idiot, he tried to say Kerry was being rude by twisting his comments out of context and making him appear to be telling soldiers he is not behind them.

Then he stands up in front of his much needed allies and says he will do it alone without them. Now ANY Republican who sees someone against Bush or the war will automatically conclude that they are anti-American or that they hate America, the reasoning is completely retarded. 'If fish live under water, then all that lives underwater is a fish'.
Damn you are a smart one Garion! Where do you come up with such clever retorts?

I have said MANY MANY times, I do NOT dislike America in fact I loved the states as a kid.
I have said MANY MANY times, I do NOT dislike Americans, in fact I hae operated offices in the US and hired US employees. I have dated Amrican girls, I have many friends in the US, I make a lot of my residual income from the US.

You comments just don't stad up with ANY credibility, you just spew hot air.

As for you current administration and president?

YES, I DO despise the weenie little *******.
YES, if I ever got the privaledge of meeting him, I'd kick him in the nuts without hesitation.

he placed MY life at greater risk of attack than anyone in my lifetime has, HE is MY enemy. He is what most people OUTSIDE America fear, he is volotile to a point people cannot comprehend, he could eliminate the world with the press of a button or a poor comment, this man does NOT hae what it takes to run a country, just the same feelings of revenge that many Americans share towards an unkown enemy.

If your mental capacity is such that you cannot differentiate between these differences, then I will accept it and see you as a happy republican, uknowingly working towards the eliminiation of his own race.

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Way to go OZ!!!!

by Hargerd In reply to That's what MANY republic ...

Seriously, GWB has put the world in more danger than Saddam ever had (read WORLD - not USA + Israel) I hear today that Donald Rumsfeid now admits no intelligenceto link Iraq and AL-Queda, wait...let me see
Reasons to go to war?
1. WMD - Errr...none found!
2. 9/11 link? - None proven

Real reason - Oil control/maintain Israel as dominantplayer in middle-East/kick Saddams *** /??

AND NO?I?M NOT ANTI ? AMERICAN EITHER ? It?s just your begining looking VERY silly in the eyes or your allies

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Mode or location change

by TheChas In reply to Car Bombings

In the early days of the US occupation of Baghdad, the US troops were keeping military style trucks out of the city.
A group of industrious insurgents mounted a rocket launcher on a donkey cart and were able to get the cart in and launch their rockets.

Many of the recent car bombings are taking place near entry points to "secure" areas.

My point, is that unless we remove the insurgents, or their motivation, the attacks will continue.
As security is improved, the mode and location of the attacks is what changes.

Ban cars from the city, or perform a 100% inspection, and the bombings will move to the security check points.

Ban cars from the city, and in place of car bombs will be individual suicide bombers.

I'm not sure what if any public transportation is operating in Iraq. Without cars and trucks, how would people get around their city?

With the exception of parades, and New Years Eve in New York, you seldom see a US city shut down any street for an event.
The US population simply refuses to use (or properly fund) public transportation.
So, the idea of shutting down vehicle traffic as a means to stop car bombings would not be high on the list of options.


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I see your point but mine was not so literal

by Oz_Media In reply to Mode or location change

I know that stopping cars will inturn not stop bombings, but it taks a very easily concealed tool out of thier hands. Yes, suicide bombers will still exist but the cases where a guy drives up and walks away from his car 2 minutes before it blows up a police station would e reduced.

As for transport, we are not talkign about th US here, this is Baghdad where most common families didn't own cars before Bush lowered gas prices and allowed used car imports into Baghdad. For them to lose this CONVENIENCE can't be seen as mroe detrimental than car bombings in th city center.

As I said, I haven't lokod at a street map but if the polic building and other government buildings were in a 'no drive zone' it would reduce the number of car bombings that have been killing police recruits by the hoard.

I am not saying shut down Iraq, but closing streets near key areas or within a specific area suroundig these buildings would reduce lives lost due to car bombings. They aren't always suicide bombrs in cars, these guys ae walkig away and leaving bombs, I think many would be somewhat deterred if they only got ONE job to do, instead of reaping hero rewards. Sure they will die for thier religion but I am sure MANY of the insurgents that we are encountering a prety radicle terrorists who don't WANT to die as much as they want to fight off the US.

It may seem a little regimental, less free, a little EastWest german or whatever but we are talking about savig people's lies here.

If we ca save 5, 10, 15 or even 50, that must be deemed as worthy. What about the lives of US troops? Checkpoints will ALWAYS be bombed, that's just the way it is. Suicide bombrs wull ALWAYS be somewhere, but this is just ON small measure. When 9/11 struck New york did the city not completely shut down all roadways, highways, ALL flights were groundeed and all seaports closed. This is how you stop people killing you with transport.

Shutig down cars in certain KEY areas of downtown Baghdad would certainly reduce the ease with which people drive up, walk away and kill tens at a time. I think, this would enable people to travel to work safely, get jobs with the police safe(ER) than before and protect key government buildings.

I remember a time in downtown Vancouer when they had th ENTIRE downtown city shut down. People wee asked to stay in thier offices at certain times during that day, not a SINGLE car was parked on the street, you couldn't walk down a public fairway without being stopped and asked what you were doing, where you were going etc.

There was a global summit meeting and many leaders were staying at the local Four Seasons (I THINK it was a summit in Whistler, 3 hrs from vancouver), as it turns out ALL the extra security as because Clinton was in for the day preceding this summit. World leaders had been arrivig for several days unoticed, but Clinton had the city practicaly shut down.

Now why can't the same be done under such hostile situations as they are having in Iraq?

They should shut the entire place down, be closed for business, during this governmet, military and police rebuilding phase. Or at least until enough forces are trained to secure their own city, desparate times call for desparate measures right?

I don' know, it just seems that all these people (thousands) have been killed because cars can freely drive into the city and park at schools, goverment buildings and security recruiting stations.

I am sure that if this was happening in America, you wouldn' be able to get within 3 miles of the White House, NYPD, Fort Bragg etc. unless you were the president, the place would be an inpenatrable fortress.

In Baghdad, they drive up to any bulding in an old $500.00 BMW, that was just shipped in by a neighouring car dealer, and walk away with a bomb exploding minutes after.

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