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cat problems

By Shellbot ·
ok..i've just had the worst summer in history..(as some of you will know) and now the cat is missing..

went out friday and not back yet..he NEVER misses breakfast. not once in a year..and now he's missed 7 meals..this cat eats every couple of hours (inbetween naps)

we've looked everywhere, nothing..if he met a vehicle, chances are he would be on the side of the road, as most people here just move them off to the side..but we've on most of the roads around our place and nothing.

everyone trying to say he's just gone roaming, but i dunno.

anyone's else cat just up and done this and then come home????

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Sounds suspicious

by mjd420nova In reply to cat problems

Most cats that go off roaming will return by night fall to familiar surroundings. Some cats will meet up with other animals and get dragged of into brush or gullies. Other times it seems that the cat knows when the time for the end is near and will just find a place of hiding and lie down to await the end. I wish you the best, as I don't know where you live to offer any further suggestions. The cat that owns us is 15 years old and never wanders far from home, usually never leaves his yard, either inside or outside the fence. They are very good at finding new hiding places and won't come out, even for food. It's like a hide and seek game that the cat will prove he can outwait you. Good Luck

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Shared staff

by NickNielsen In reply to cat problems

When I was in high school, our cat used to go off about every two or three weeks and spend a few days away. We later discovered that he also had staff in the trailer park over the back hill.

When he'd had enough of us, he would go live there for three or four days. She was a very nice old lady who was lonely and a sucker for cats.

Hopefully, this is your problem and he will show up fat and happy in the next day or two. Best of luck.

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A few things about cats

by Deadly Ernest In reply to cat problems

1. They usually know when its time to hang up the boots, then they usaully go off somewhere quiet and out of the way.

2. If they find another set of servants worthy of them, they will sometimes split their time between servant households.

3. Check the vets, mine went missing for a few days when about a year old, got hit by a car and a good samaritan took him to the vet. When I checked with the vets I found him still in post op care.

4. Check your local animal pound, many councils now collect unregistered cats, and cats without collars and bells.

God luck, hope you find him well.

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i had this before

by jdclyde In reply to cat problems

Someone a block away had started feeding my cat (who had a collar and by no means looked like he had ever missed a meal) but he was a very nice cat.

Cat was gone for two weeks and I had already resolved myself to never seeing him again.

Then, there he was! It was a happy day.

Hope that it is just a stray in heat that has your baby worked up, and he makes it back home. I know all to well how a cat can endear themselves to a family even more than a dumb dog can. (I have both right now, and the cat chases the dog around the house.)

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It may just be that he's splitting time

by Tig2 In reply to cat problems

I am not one to allow my cat out of the house- ever. I think that is best for my cats- three girls, all different ages, and I live on a fairly busy road and have dogs about. Very different situation.

I did have a cat decide to up and leave- got out of the house as I was moving. He moved in with a neighbour and she let me know that he had. As he was happy there, I did nothing to change the situation- I was ill at the time and had been trying to find homes for all three of my cats. Oscar (white persian) decided that HE would do the choosing of his next home.

One way that would absolutely guarentee that your kitty comes home is to run right out and get a new kitty. Works EVERY time. Proof? I had been catless for a couple of years. I was finally in a more stable situation and decided that I needed a cat. So I adopted Minou. About a month later, I was asked by the shelter I got Minou from to foster a Mom Cat and kittens. Within a week of Mom Cat and the kits (3 of them- entirely too cute!) moving in, two kitties were abandoned on my doorstep (one still lives with me, the other was placed in a loving catless home). If you want to insure the return of your kitty, simply go get another. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh- the third cat in the house is my partner's cat. Of course I hooked up with a cat lover!

Let us know what happens, Shell. I promise, God doesn't give us more than we can handle- even when we think we can't.

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Such a multitude is surely a blessing, especially

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It may just be that he's ...

on cold nights, when they snuggle up and keep you warm.

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In my house

by Tig2 In reply to Such a multitude is surel ...

We have upstairs kitties and downstairs kitties.

Minou and Callie know each other well and are fine together. My partner's cat hates everyone equally and does NOT likn Callie and Minou. So Kitty (his cat) lives in our bedroom/bathroom and is sequestered from Minou and Callie.

In Kitty's defense, she is about 13 and has had a tough life. Partner got her from his brother who got her from a shelter (was about to be put down).

My partner is wonderful for keeping me warm...

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Cats not leaving the house

by jdclyde In reply to It may just be that he's ...

My cat is an indoor cat. The only time he goes outside is when he is on his leash. He gets excited when he sees me pick it up and runs to the door!

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by Shellbot In reply to Cats not leaving the hous ...

cool..i wanted to do that for ours..but hubby too embarrased to walk the cat :)

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by jdclyde In reply to leash

you would not believe how cool it is to have a cat that will walk on a leash! It isn't easy, and most cats would rather attack the leash than walk on it.

Oh yeah, gotta have the body harness, not a coller.

will have to get a pic of him on one of our walks! B-)

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