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CD Burning distortion

By golfnwaltz ·
I have just "upgraded" to XP and have an older Philips CDRW800 that worked fairly well for two or three mp3 burns. Then after these first few it began to burn CD's with pops and intermitent full gain distortion for a second or two. I have since tried RealOne using analog copying and the Roxio CD Creator 5.34? I don't know if this is a clue but the 'ruined' cd's will usually play on the family stereo and cd/clock radio but realone and wmp cannot play the cd I just burned. If they track, they do so as if they're playing something but no sound is coming through. But my Creative Player will play it just fine, at least with the same results as my home cd players. I have defragged and closed all background programs and even disconnected my USB for cable modem before startup. I've looked all over discussion sites regarding this issue but have found nothing similar so I hope someone doesn't mind helping out. My suspicion now is something in WMP has taken hold and spoiled it for the other programs, but I've read that WMP in XP cannot be uninstalled (my first instinct shot down).

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I take it you have loaded the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CD Burning distortion

XP mirgration patch from Roxio for Easy CD 5. If not this could be some of your problem but it could also be the Media itself as it is not unknown to get a bunch of bad media. Then how are you copying the music from vinal to CD or CD to CD? Personally I don't know what type of burner the Phillips is but if it is IDE then it should be on a different IDE bus fron the source drive as this will cause problems. XP being what it is is far more diffictual to work with even though it is far more stablethat its predecessors but it is simply far more bulky that anything previous. Also are you using XP Home or XP Pro? There could be a problem with the inbuilt CD Recording Software in Windows conflicting with the third party software.

I hope this is of some use to you.

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Just an after thought

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I take it you have loaded ...

Easy CD Creator works just fine on a Dual Processor M'Board with 2 CPU's on NT or 2000 but for some reason it is a total nightmare on XP. I suspose I could have spent a lot of my time fault finding but I found it simpler and cheeper to load Nero as this works just fine on this type of system even though it is not as good or as easy to use but this might not apply to you as it only applies to a Dual Processor configeration which of course XP Pro was designed to support.

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or could it be as simple as...

by golfnwaltz In reply to Just an after thought

I've been searching around and stumbled on a CD-R media review group and they have identified certain CD labs put out useless CD-R's and that a perfectly good CD for one cd-writer may be no good for another...
Thanks for your responses...I may check back in if I am able to narrow it down a little more.

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Used to have the same problem....

by Dee In reply to or could it be as simple ...

...and it usually occurred when burning CD's while playing around on the computer aswell. Had not as many problems with XP's very own burning software, however decided to go with the burning capabilities of Mediajukebox 8.0 and Nero. You might give those a try. They are certainly working fine on XP Pro.


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