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CD file recovery

By D.H. Cesare ·
I hope this is the right place to get some answers.
I have burned numerous DATA CD's using 4 or 5 different programs and when I go back and try to read the files on the CD's, I can't access them. Even when I can see them, I can't open some of them, especially the JPG's.

I've tried recovering the files using CD-R Diagnostics and BadCopy with very limited success. CD-R Diagnostics recovered the files, but apparently lost the headers to the JPG's, because they won't open. Every application I try to open them with says, "Invalid File Format". BadCopy salvaged 45% of the files, but lists them as "File 01, File 02" etc. Who has time to go back and open thousands of files and rename each individual file?

CD's burned with Easy CD Creator 4 & 5; Nero v5.9; MusicMatch v8.0; and CloneCD v4.0.

O/S Win98 SE
46G HDD 15G free

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It is and it isn't.

by Oz_Media In reply to CD file recovery

It is usually best to post in the Technical Q&A section, offer enough points and you'll get more answers.

This however may turn into a discussion thread anyway.

Have you checked that your CDRW is not ay fault?
It sounds like it may be due to buffering errors during the write process.

Have you tried cleaning the lasers lens with a drive cleaning disk?

I would almost rule software out at this point, as you probably have, and check you writer.
swap it out with a borrowed one if you don't have another machine handy.

If CDRW is OK, then you may find a BIOS update to help.

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Bad Burns

by TheChas In reply to CD file recovery


I agree with Oz that this should be posted in the Technical Q&A section.

That said, I suspect that the root cause of your bad CDs is too much RAM.

There is a known W98 bug if 512MB or more RAM is installed. I limit ALL of my W9X boxes to 384MB.

The 'bug' is VERY configuration dependant. Anything from new hardware to an updated driver can trigger the bug.

Try removing some RAM and burning a new CD to see if that corrects the bad burn issue.

Further, if you have both Easy CD and Nero installed at the same time they can conflict with each other and cause problems.

Ahead has a boot manager utility to download that is used to select which CD-Burning software you wish to load for that session of Windows.

Despite popular belief, CDs (CD-Rs and CD-RWs in particular) are NOT indestructible.
It is "best" practice to make at least 3 CD copies of any critical data when using CDs as the backup media.
1 to use.
1 to make new copies from.
1 as a safety backup.


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Good one Chas

by Oz_Media In reply to Bad Burns

You seem to have had some nasty experiences with too much Win98 Ram, it comes up often in your replies.

Do you have any knowledge as to WHY Win98 had this problem? I know it's true also from my experience where too much Win98 RAM has caused system lockups, but wasn't sure which part of the process was having problems with the speed.

Interesting and I'm sure, very accurate.


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Easy CD and Nero not installed at same time

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Bad Burns

I had tons of problems with Easy CD Creator and the Roxio technicians couldn't do a thing to help me so I returned it. I have Nero v5.9 installed and was going to install v6.0 but haven't gotten around to it.

The last CD I burned using Nero is working just fine, but the CD I really need to recover the files of of are hundreds of family pictures. They are on the CD, I just can't get at them.

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Try this program to see if there is actual data.

by mrafrohead In reply to CD file recovery

There is a program called ISO Buster that can retrieve bad disks. I would try to use this program (it's part freeware part shareware) to check for any actual data. If it can find any it will recover it. From there you can test to see why the machine can't read it. Maybe the media itself is off...


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by D.H. Cesare In reply to Try this program to see i ...

Thanx. I bought the program and now we'll see if it works. Like I said, CD-R Diagnostics recovered the files, but I couldn't open the image files. I really hope this works because I have all the 1st year baby pictures for the grandbaby, along with hundreds of pictures of the other kids and the family in general. No one else took pictures 'cause they were counting on me.

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by D.H. Cesare In reply to Try this program to see i ...

I used IsoBuster to recover all the picture files on that CD, but again they wouldn't open. The author of IsoBuster says that the burner probably used the wrong power setting on those files, but that doesn't explain why all the other files on that CD are functional.
Well, if nothing else, I've spent another $26 to unsuccessfully get my pictures. I broke the news to the family today and I need a place to sleep....

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I know this might sound stupid

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IsoBuster

But was the entire CD recorded in 1 session?

If it was recorded in several different sessions it is just possible that one session was deleted from the FAT of the CD and whatever recording software you are currently using might have a "Session Selector" option like Easy CD Creator that might allow you access to that session.

I hope that gives you some assistance.


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by D.H. Cesare In reply to I know this might sound s ...

The entire CD was one session. That's why it's so hard for me to understand why all the files except the picture files functioned normally.

I do not use Roxio's CD software. Too many problems, and then the technical support is worse than the software.

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OK if it was all one session

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sessions

There has to be a glitch with the JPEG coping section of the software used.

I take it that you have since removed the images from you're HDD but if it wasn't all that long ago it might be possible to recover some of the images that where on the HDD with a file recovery program, other than that I'm out of suggestions.


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