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Celebrate National Procrastination Week this week

By maxwell edison ·
This is the week to celebrate National Procrastination Week.

What are you going to put off until later?

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Is that THIS week?

by maecuff In reply to Celebrate National Procra ...

I planned to put things off NEXT week.

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by Old Guy In reply to Celebrate National Procra ...

National Procrastination Week until next week or the week after.

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by Jaqui In reply to Celebrating

I'll decide what to do about celebrating procrastination week sometime soon, maybe even next week.

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National Procrastination Week was last week

by neilb@uk In reply to Celebrate National Procra ...

and, although it's an American invention, I liked it so I put it off until this week and now it's arrived, it's clashed with UK Apathy Week and I can't be bothered to put it off again so I'm going back to sleep...

Next year. I'll do it properly next year.

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You get the prize!

by maxwell edison In reply to National Procrastination ...

That's why we celebrate it THIS WEEK! On the other hand, to truly get into the spirit of the celebration, we should put it off yet another week, don't you think?

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I repeat...

by neilb@uk In reply to You get the prize!

"Next year. I'll do it properly next year."


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But wait!

by maxwell edison In reply to I repeat...

This is also Brain Awareness Week, as well as Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

Well, you can bet your *** I'm not even gonna' think about that one.

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by Oz_Media In reply to But wait!

I think everyone is aware that I have no problem gambling, but do you really think I've got the balls to become aware of MY brain, now that's just scary, best left for laying down and avoiding?

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On Gambling

by maxwell edison In reply to PGAW

Three or four times a year, I fly to Las Vegas for a get-away weekend. This upcoming weekend is my next one. I don't do the ponies, like you do. Blackjack's my game.

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by Oz_Media In reply to On Gambling

I usually do Vegas a couple of times a year, but I bombdown to Reno every couple of months. And I too call BLackjack my game, a LITTLE roulette but I usually get bored of it.

A good one was when I spent a weekend in Vegas and was so bored of gaming that I ended up sitting in the simulcast lounge and betting on local Vancouver race tracks. It actually worked out well, they had different pools in the US then (a separate bet pool from Canadian, now many are shared), so I was able to use local knowledge to make more money by betting the US pools (odds are usually higher that way).

I go to conferences, the music awards etc. in Vegas each year, but am usually too busy to get much gambling in.

Have a good time, play the house against itself on the blackjack tables and get some R&R. Who knows, maybe THIS was the break you need from the TR monotony that we were discussing a while back. :)

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