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Celeron vs Pentium M

By Daygo_171 ·
Which would you choose in a notebook?

Celeron 1.3GHz w/64mb video Ram


Pentium M 1.6 w/8mb video Ram

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by Dr Dij In reply to Celeron vs Pentium M

how about an Athlon?

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how about it?

by Daygo_171 In reply to Neither

Ok Convince me. :-)

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More info

by jdclyde In reply to Celeron vs Pentium M

You didn't say what you will use this for.
Are they the same price?
Is that video "on-board"?
Are the rest of the specs the same?

What is more important, function or price?

For myself, I would lean towards the Celeron if everything else was the same on the systems.

But yes, don't rule out the AMD chips either. INTEL has a tendacey to run VERY HOT in the laptops. Some you can't even have it on your lap it is that hot.

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for surfing

by Daygo_171 In reply to More info

Mostly will be used as secondary computer for kids and wife. Also, mapping program used when traveling.
Want wireless capability.

I have noticed that Dell has switched all of their lower end laptops (sub $800) to celeron chips. They were installing M series just a few weeks ago.

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then video RAM doesn't matter much

by Absolutely In reply to for surfing

My old 500 MHz desktop with a 16MB video card handled TV & DVD's with very few stutters - maybe once every 5 or 10 minutes, and they were short. I put up with that for about a year as my television and DVD player, meaning it was almost good enough, but eventually I upgraded.

If you travel a lot and want to watch your own movies on flights, I'd get the one with 64MB video memory. Otherwise, I'd ignore that factor. Video specs only matter if you are trying to play games or multimedia, and web graphics don't count as multimedia. Web sites just do not stream high enough quality video to challenge even low-end, current video processors. For simple surfing, I would only look for acceptable resolution, color depth, and LCD quality, especially viewable angles.

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Pentium M + Windows = battery power savings

by stress junkie In reply to Celeron vs Pentium M

Anandtech has an article examining the Pentium M. According to the article if you are going to use Windows OS then Pentium M can save a lot of power in idle mode. And apparently it absolutely screams when it is number crunching. This article is NOT oriented toward notebook use but it talks about the power saving feature and how the Pentium M runs cool while delivering great performance.

Here's the link:

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